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Song from the movie Bang Bang
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Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif Masti Bhare Geet
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Average Rating : 4.11
Total Vote(s) : 851
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Lyrics / Video of Song : Tu Meri Main Tera Hone Laga

aisi kya chali hawa
ki le gayi meri sanso ko mujhse door
tere paas aur mujhe hua ehsaas
tu tu tu tu meri ri ri
mai tera ra hone laga
mai mai mai mai tera ra ra
tu meri ri hone lagi  

kaise ye hua magar na hai mujhe
na hai tujhko koi khabar
par ye dil ab se hai kahne laga 
tu tu tu tu meri ri ri
mai tera ra hone laga
mai mai mai mai tera ra ra
tu meri ri hone lagi  

na jaanu mai na jaane tu
huaa ye jaadu kaise
jo mera tha wo kho gaya
jo tera mill gaya ho jaise
isi dil ne jab jaana ki bas tu   
tu tu tu tu meri ri ri
mai tera ra hone laga
mai mai mai mai tera ra ra
tu meri ri hone lagi  

yu kabhi yu kabhi laga hai jaise 
ha yahi bas yahi shamma hai jisme 
jindagi jindagi hai jeeni aise ek pal
ek pal o pankhi jaise ajnabi jaha aa ke lag jaye
gale jaise tu chale aur duniya tere sang chale
jaise raat chupke se tere kano mein kahe
ke ab to jane kyo jane kyo jane kyo
tu tu tu tu meri ri ri
mai tera ra hone laga
mai mai mai mai tera ra ra
tu meri ri hone lagi  
tu tu tu tu meri ri ri
mai tera ra hone laga
mai mai mai mai tera ra ra
tu meri ri hone lagi  

aisi kya chali hawa
ki le gayi meri sanso ko mujhse door
tere paas aur mujhe hua ehsaas
tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu 
tu tu tu tu meri ri ri
mai tera ra hone laga
mai mai mai mai tera ra ra
tu meri ri hone lagi  
tu tu tu tu meri ri ri
mai tera ra hone laga
mai mai mai mai tera ra ra
tu meri ri hone lagi

lyrics of song Tu Meri Main Tera Hone Laga

Top user comments for lyrics of song "Tu Meri Main Tera Hone Laga"
vrowmuria on Thursday, November 27, 2014
Hi bro, I live in India but I agree with you 100%. I like Hollywood movies more than Bollywood movies. In Bollywood movies even if they would make an historic movie like "Bhag Milkha Bhag" or "Jodha Akbar" or "Bhagat Singh" or "Asoka", the historic character will dance and sing. Did Milkha Singh sing and dance "Hawan Karenge Hawan Karenge" in reality? Did Akbar sing in reality? Did Bhagat Singh sing emotionally in reality? Did His Highness Asoka sing "O Re Kanchi..." in reality? All these are useless fake and frictions that you can see only in Bollywood movies. On the other hand see Hollywood's historical movies like Titanic, Gladiator, Troy, to just name a few. If Titanic would have been made in Bollywood, then Jack and Rose would sing and dance 4-5 dance numbers for sure. If Troy would have been made in Bollywood, then Achilles (Brad Pitt) would sing self boasting song after every victory. hahahahah. Just imagine how the movie would have been in Bollywood flavour. Horrible even in just thinking.

Maryam M on Saturday, September 20, 2014
One thing I don't get is why people from west ( generally ) are kinda threatened by dance and singing in Bollywood films :)) It's ENTERTAINMENT ! Nothing we see in movies are realistic and they shouldn't be ! that's why poetry and singing and acting exists ! to take us some other world even for a second, so we can forget about our problems which are very much real ! not to mention nothing we see in hollywood movies are realistic either ! that's the point , and Why should movies from hollywood and bollywood be the same ? when I want to watch serious movies with no songs , I;ll watch hollywood films and when I want to see the sweetest smile ( SRK ) most beautiful actresses , and Amazing songs and dances Bollywood is my pick,And Know this I'm Not indian,I'm Iranian.and we have enjoyed Hindi films for decades :) I accept that they used to be much more indian and the dances and songs were PRICELESS back then , but I still enjoy it . 

Serenity on Tuesday, September 02, 2014
To be frank, I love this song and Hrithik's moves (and his face, because like it's perfect). BUT WHY IS IT RELEASING ON THE SAME DAY AS HAIDER!? Honestly, Haider is amazing (from what I've seen) but quite frankly, India's audience would prefer to see Bang Bang and arghhhhhhh. I personally would go to watch Haider but it's less likely to become a hit with this releasing on the same day. Idk, I just don't feel Haider will be appreciated as much as it deserves to be because Bang Bang will mask it. And come on, Shahid is a darn fine actor (and looks incredibly hot in Haider too). I'm not much of a Katrina fan so maybe I'm being biased but whatever. "Freedom of speech" lol

Joe Mohen on Sunday, October 12, 2014
I live in New York and my 11 year old son asked me to take him and his friends to see Bang Bang because of the action packed trailer. While the boys enjoyed the explosions and shooting, their jaws dropped when the hero started dancing and singing, as we do not see this in American action movies. That said, I was hysterical laughing because I did not expect it. That said, Roshan is a great, great dancer, and Kaif is appealing. I would love to see them star in some Hollywood movies as well. 

Partha Roy on Tuesday, December 23, 2014
Hi guys, I have to admit.. I was the one to post negatively about Siddharth Anand's work before but after watching this movie, I have to say that this was one really nice movie I would however still stick to the point that some dance sequences which are unnecessary can be avoided like Tu Meri from Bang Bang! but that said, this is a ncely shot movie The action scenes in particular were just great I've also watched Knight and Day but I think Bang Bang! is much much better 

Parth Goswami on Saturday, August 30, 2014
actors to producers... srk : call me if u need romentic hero big b : call me if u want hero wid good acting skill john,salman : call me if u want hero with good body amir khan: call me if u want telented hero shahid : call me if u want hero wid good dancing skill akhsay,ajay : call me if u want an action hero ranbeer : call me if want hero wid good look and Hritik roshan: call me if u want all these quality in one hero..!!

Mudit Pathak on Monday, October 06, 2014
A very entertaining movie with all masala and such good looking star cast... Indian cinema approaching to Hollywood style...And yes fans can be inspired by the looks of Hirthik & Katrina in the movie...Enjoy the holidays this is all about the Indian cinema these days...and I m a bit in support of this till Hindi movies are made on this level .

Ruplina Bhowmik on Friday, September 05, 2014
it is always a pleasure to watch HR dance and Kat and HR make a lovely pair.. from what I have read so far it seems to be a con action thriller and it will be refreshing to see HR as Rajveer Nanda with a darker streak in him just like A of Dhoom... a more vulnerable HR which is a far cry from the superhero flick...

Rodela Neha on Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Hritik and Katrina is my fav so there is no confusion that I like the song or not.The other thing that I like in this song is the rock and sweet music and the lyrics is awesome so hope bang bang will be popular for this song.

Liverpool Fbc on Sunday, August 31, 2014
Wow... hrithik's dance and vishal's voice makes this song fantabulous... But I dont think this movie will be great like knight and day. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are way better than hrithik roshan and katrina kaif.

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Film cast: Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif
Singer: Vishal Dadlani
Lyricist: Vishal Dadlani
Music Director: Vishal, Shekhar
Film Director: Siddharth Anand
External Links: Bang Bang at IMDB    Bang Bang at Wikipedia

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