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Song from the movie Kailasa
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Average Rating : 4.32
Total Vote(s) : 279
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Lyrics of Teri Deewani (Prit Ki Lat Mohe Aisi Lagi, Ho Gayi Mai Matwali)

prit kee lath mohe aisee lagee, ho gayee mai matwalee
bal bal jaun apne piya ko, ke mai jaun varee varee
mohe sudh budh naa rahe tan mann kee, yeh toh jane duneeya saree
bebas aur lachar phiru mai, haree mai dil haree

tere nam se jee lu, tere nam se marr jau - (2)
teree jan ke sadke me kuchh aaisa kar jau
(tune kya kar dala, marr gayee mai mitt gayee mai
ho ree ha ha ree ho gayee mai, (teree divanee divanee -2)) - (2)

ishk junun jab hadh se badh jaye - (2)
hanste hanste aashik sulee chadh jaye
ishk kaa jadu sar chadhkar bole
khub laga lo pehre raste rab khole
yahee ishk kee marjee hain, yahee rab kee marjee hain - (2)
tere bin jina kaisa ???
tune kya kar dala marr gayee mai mitt gayee mai
ho ree ha ha ree ho gayee mai, (teree divanee divanee -2)

ke mai rang rangilee divanee -2, ke mai albelee mai mastanee
gaun bajaun sabko rijhau, he ??? se beganee
ke mai divanee mai divanee
tere nam se jee lu tere nam se marr jau
tere jan ke sadle me kuchh aaisa kar jau
tune kya kar dala marr gayee mai mitt gayee mai
ho ree ha ha ree ho gayee mai, (teree divanee divanee -4)

Comments for lyrics of song "Teri Deewani (Prit Ki Lat Mohe Aisi Lagi, Ho Gayi Mai Matwali)"
Khwaab on Saturday, October 06, 2012
Good question. This is a classic line to say but I think you have to have been "stung" by love pretty badly (no not teenage crushes) to understand the depth of that scene. The way I interpret it is that he realised that he couldn´t force her to love him back. His love for her wouldn´t change whether she "reciprocated" his love or not. He was going to stab her because she was in love with someone else (notice how she´s smiling by herself while walking down the street) but realised that what he..

Khwaab on Saturday, October 06, 2012
.. what he felt for her wouldn´t go away if he killed her. He´s been hit by true, deep love and cannot escape it whether she feels the same or not. Being truly in love, and I mean TRULY, means that you become a "deewana", a "lunatic" in true sufi terms.as nothing matters but the love you feel. He looked deep into her eyes and couldn´t take her life. His love for her was stronger than the jealousy and possessiveness. It´s pure love and he realised he´s just happy being in love with her.

rahulmartial on Wednesday, February 29, 2012
, already some user has written it here, I will repeat it, Sometimes its best to let your love go, From story of guy with knife and the girl in truck and running guy. Actually the dancing girl on roof is same who is catched by guy with Knife, she has got something strucked in her heart by the guy. (i am not sure but I believe that guy came to stab her but could not) so she has fallen for him now.

rahulmartial on Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Girl in truck is leaving the guy who is chasing truck. May be she is doing it for his betterment what she feels to be will be without HER in his life. He too give up after sometime to chase her as he realise thats what she want.
other two stories of girl who waits for guy and girl who come out of her room for guy who came for her, they show love which has both of the lovers are together for now.

Anurvi Mehra on Sunday, May 19, 2013
hey the video does depict people madly in love with each other which the
lyrics completely n beautifully depict but originally Sufi is the genre in
which the singer sings for God,as if he is the lover.Did u notice that he
is singing from feminine side (teri deewani) its becoz God is the beloved
and the one who is singing is the lover. But I respect ur opinion :)

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Singer: Kailash Kher
External Links: Kailasa at Wikipedia

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