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Song from the movie Coke Studio 1 - Episode 01
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Average Rating : 3.00
Total Vote(s) : 1
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Lyrics / Video of Song : Sun Fariyaad Peeraan Deya Peera (Hoo)

sun fariyaad peera deya peera
mai aankh sunaavu kinu hu

wehre saade varda naahi
te mai lakh vasal paavan hu
na mai sohni, na daulat palle
na mai sohni, na daulat palle
te mai kikan yaar manaavu hu
eho dukh hamesha raihsi baahu
ke mai rondari mar jaavan hu
ishq mahi ne laayiaan aagan
onha lagiyan kaun bujhaave hu
mai ki jaana, jaat ishq di kehi
jehdi dar dar jaa jhukaave hu

ishq mahi ne, ishq mahi ne
ishq mahi ne laayiaan
onha lagiyan kaun bujhaave hu
mai ki jaana, jaat ishq di kehi
jehdi dar dar jaa jhukaave hu
na khud sove, na sovan deve 
hathi sutiyaan jagave hu
mai qurban tinha de baahu
jehra bichda yaar milave hu

lyrics of song Sun Fariyaad Peeraan Deya Peera (Hoo)

Top user comments for lyrics of song "Sun Fariyaad Peeraan Deya Peera (Hoo)"
Ankur Bhardwaj on Monday, June 20, 2011
Till date there was only Kailasa doing some work in bringing real Folk out to the people. Usually anything in vernacular gets stamped as Folk which is not the case. Tip Top was outstanding. KK proved why he is probably the best male singer in the movies. But all this is trivial. What is important is the possibilities that exist? There is no other country which has a musical tradition as rich, as evolved and as brilliant as India's and thats where this program is going to succeed.

Ankur Bhardwaj on Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Once again the same nonsense. Is it some sense of inferiority that people from across the border are passing condescending remarks about this show. India extends beyond Hindi or Punjabi & you will never understand it. If you liked CS Pak more then feel happy about it. Why must you compare? Or are you somehow trying to justify it to yourself. The band is v good. And as far as growth of individual musicians is concerned; well you are not even aware of the non film musicians here.

Pushpit Kharbanda on Friday, June 10, 2011
vocals n lyrics of cs pak are so cultural and powerful that it sweeps you away, moreover rohail hyaat already has a great experience on how the music @ cs should sound.. On the other hand, the genres and languages used in the indian cs are so wast that the grooves can't be made the way they were in the pak cs.. both are equally good but just acc to the taste.. P.S.: love the music , not the boundaries :) love from india.. to all ..

Som Shankar Bhattacharyya on Saturday, June 25, 2011
@umairyc No sync in what they are playin ??? u have no idea of dynamics then !!! PLease look up the internet for Indian bands. i am the last person to start a debate on whos music is better ... but at least get some facts right ! The baap of all bloddy fusion bands is In India and the name in Indian Ocean and the baap of all fusion music is also from India by the name of Trilok Gurtu !!! Go get a life ...

Vasuda Sharma on Friday, June 10, 2011
great going Harshdeep...what only matters is thats you have an awsome voice, great control amazing tone...n you have it in you.. everyone one has opinions... let them have... in my opininon u didnt go off pitch at any single point throughout the song.sufi prayers are indeed rendered a certain way... but what matters is that this sounds beautiful to ears... so overall.. kudos to you...

Harpreet Singh on Thursday, June 30, 2011
I want Coke studio to reachout to Satinder Sartaj/Gurdass Mann if they want to create any impact w/Punjabi Sufi singing atleast. I would really pay to listen Sartaj & Sunidhi chauhan's duet.I can bet this will be best combination to match the wavelength of Misha & Lohar's JUGNI

Pancham Singh on Wednesday, September 28, 2011
It was refreshing and totally divine. Nice to see someone coming up from the young generation with Sufi blend of music with such touch. Just fantastic and serene.

Silversilk15 on Wednesday, June 22, 2011
@neesbat With all due to respect janab, ill answer to your queriess of us calling your CS a "rip off". Its Not because its also called CS that makes it a copy, ofcoarse we know its a franchise and we dont own it :-) But get this: when CS came to PK, we didnt copy the brazilian format, we came out with OUR OWN, made it UNIQUE, DIFFERENT, and Thats what made it famous! Now you guys need to do the same too! STOP DOING WHAT OUR CS GUYS DO and come up with your own ideas! Just like we did! :-)

hunzukutz on Sunday, June 19, 2011
I am sorry but if this is the best CS India has to offer in terms of artists and sound quality then they are in trouble. She was never the best female singer in Junoon and I don't thing she is that great here. Kalpana and Malini were better singers than her. It has nothing to do with borders. Rohail Hayat has done a remarkable job over the last few years and yes his first recording was as good as his recent.

Silversilk15 on Tuesday, June 21, 2011
LOL so much of the style is inspired from Pak Coke Studio that it comes close to being called a COPY...but still, you gotta live with the fact that the Indians loved coke studio for 4 years and now they've got their own. At least you couldve been a LITTLE original guys, like NOT copy Rohail Hayat's style of using specific instruments for specific effects. thats all im askin!

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Singer: Shaan, Tochi Raina, Mathangi Rajshekhar
Lyricist: Vinay Kochar, Thyagaraja, Chinna Ponnu, Kailash Kher, Shailendra, Traditional
Music Director: Leslie Lewis, Salil Chowdhury
External Links: Coke Studio 1 - Episode 01 at Wikipedia

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