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Song from the movie Hospital
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Average Rating : 4.60
Total Vote(s) : 5
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Lyrics / Video of Song : Meri Majburiyo Ne Mera Daman Chaak Kar Dala

meri majburiyo ne mera daman chak kar dala
ha ha meri majburiyo ne mera daman chak kar dala

dubara mujhko mere dil ka kissa paas kar dala
na socha tha ki, ye anjam hoga meri hasrat ka
dil ko chubaratne se, dil ka jadu aap kar dala
gila kiska kare, kiski khata samjhe
kise khojhe, kitabe jindagi jab
hamne khud hisab kar dala
dubara mujhko mere dil ka kissa paas kar dala

lyrics of song Meri Majburiyo Ne Mera Daman Chaak Kar Dala

Top user comments for lyrics of song "Meri Majburiyo Ne Mera Daman Chaak Kar Dala"
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on Sunday, October 11, 2009
Vipan Bhai, not a piece of high class poetry or clear cut rendition, though quite nostalgic, due to old style of singing. The word "saaf" kar daala is not possible because qafia is chhaak, khaak,paak etc. Meri majbooriyon ne mera daaman chaak kar daala Dubaaya mujhko, mere dil ka qissa paak kar daala Na socha tha ke ye anjaam hoga meri hasrat ka Giri kuchh barq aisi, dil jala ke khaak kar daala Gila kiska karen, kiski khata samjhen, kise kosen Hisaab-e-zindagi jab humne dey ke paak kar daala

S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on Tuesday, October 13, 2009
"jab hamne khud hi khaak kar daala" does not seem to sound very meaningful. Hisaab pak karna appears better than hisaab khaak karna. If you carefully and repeatedly listen from the point 2.57, perhaps you may make a better judgement. As far as repetition of words, either of Paak or Khaak get repeated, so both ways it is the same. I agree on KB's sweet voice, passion, thrill and modulations but she did not pronounce the words very clearly. Anyway "nasha" is there in listening to it, no doubt.

S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Thanks to KD's poor rendition. She has provided us a good game to play, perhaps more interesting than chess. "khud bebaak" in the sense of rendering life's accounts recklessly daring or bold (wasting it,etc.), seems stretched too far in meaning. The right words in urdu are hisaab bebaaq karna (to clear the accounts.) but bebaaq does not fit into the "Qaafia". Again, first time she sings it differently but second time at 2.57 it seems more like I hear. Pl. search for Sanyal's ghazal. Regards.

Priya MyMusicalHeaven on Sunday, June 16, 2013
Contd... In my very humble opinion, I heard these words as I repeated listening through headphones multiple times - mere dil ka qissa faaq kar daala, giree kuchh barf aisee dil jala kar khaaq kar daala, hisaab-e-zindagi jab humne khud bebaaq kar daala (bebaaq was the most unclear to my ears, however, I feel revealing life's accounts does make some sense in the context of the self-reproaching expression in the previous line). Best regards. And thanks for uploading this very old song, Ajayji.

V. Siddhartha on Tuesday, October 13, 2009
The preceding line expresses self-reproach rather than pinning blame on someone else, so khaak kar daala( in the sense of destroying one's life by one's own errors) or something else would make more sense, rather than paak kar daala, which would mean "purified my life." I am still hearing khud hi, rather than "dey ke" in that line. The paak or khaak repetition indeed makes it a poor poem either way-- quite unimaginative. I hope someone will find the authentic original text for us.( Cont'd).

V. Siddhartha on Sunday, October 11, 2009
The hisaab-e-zindagi part still sounds to me as it did originally( jab hamne khud hi khaak kar daala instead of humne deke paak kar daala, although your reading is better in diction. Good poems don't repeat the same word over and over again except in a refrain. What you say about qafia also makes good sense, and so your rewording sounds better. As a poem this is not a quality one as you rightly say, but I love KB's sweet voice and her modulations enormously. Thanks again, Qasim Bhai.

Priya MyMusicalHeaven on Sunday, June 16, 2013
First time for me, Da; thanks for sharing this vintage song. To me, it is enjoyable because of KD's voice and the way she rendered it, the ambiguity in the pronunciation notwithstanding. I read your exchange with other esteemed listeners, and found it to be even more enjoyable. It has been more than three years since you had this exchange, but to complicate things further (just for the fun of it), may I take the liberty to add what I heard? Contd...

S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on Sunday, October 11, 2009
Certain words are more clear when she repeats the verse. Please listen carefully again and discuss any confusing words. As I said every second verse must end at k. This is a fundamental requirement. Also we have to have a minimum level of meaning in verses in order to call it poetry, in addition to requirement of balancing(wazan). What is your opinion? Anyhow, it has been an interesting exercise.

Chandrashekhar Gupta on Saturday, October 10, 2009
Pt. Bhushan's lyrics, as jotted down from a better quality audio clip (without iterations): meri majbooriyo.n ne mera daaman chaak kar daala dubaaya mujhko, mere dil ka sheesha saaf kar daala na socha tha ke yeh anzaam hoga meri hasrat ka giri kuchh wark aisi, dil ka daaman khaakh kar daala gila kiska kare.n, kiski khata samjhe.n, kise kose.n ke saab-e-zindagi jab humne khud hi khaakh kar daala

V. Siddhartha on Saturday, October 10, 2009
Thanks, Shekhar. You and I have been looking for the lyrics . Glad you found the text. I was stuck between " "chaak" and"khaak". The phrase "giri kuch wark aisi" is clear only now, and I have always thought "ke saab-e zindagi" was" hisab-e zindagi" (the ledger of life). The meaning of wark and saab is not clear to me, but at least we have the right words.

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Film cast: Jawahar, Kanan Devi, Hiralal, Krishnakant, Tulsi, Manorama
Singer: Kanan Devi, Jawahar, Robin Majumdar
Lyricist: Pandit Bhushan, Pandit Madhur
Music Director: Kamal Dasgupta
Film Director: Sushil Mazumdar
External Links: Hospital at IMDB    

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