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Song from the movie Coke Studio 2 - Episode 01
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Average Rating : 4.60
Total Vote(s) : 5
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Lyrics / Video of Song : Mauje Naina

mauje naina milke mauje naina milke
mauje naina milke mauje naina milke
mauje naina milke mauje naina milke
mauje naina milke mauje naina milke

kaai ka jharnaa hai masla ghinaunaa hai 
mauje naina milke mauje naina milke
dil kaa khilaunaa hai har dil ka rona hai 
mauje nainan milke mauje naina milke

ankhya thaga gayin behudi fansa gayi
maatam manaate hain chaina
pinjare ko tod ke galtiyaan batore ke 
kyu tadfadaati hai maina bus karo na 

i just point the way
watch you go down.
like a sure refrain 
you come around

lie awake unprepared 
to still the madness in my head
don't think i'm crazy 
i'm not!
when i close my eyes
the lights go off

pokhra inaari dooba sab khayal jabse russeya 
kyun jiya sahararatan bewajah yu aadatan fansya 
kya bhalaa buraa murkh maajraa 
ji ka rona dhona khatam bhi karo na 
dil kareyga dil ki chaakhree 

mauje naina milke mauje naina milke
mauje naina milke mauje naina milke
mauje naina milke mauje naina milke
mauje naina milke mauje naina milke

baalu hai sona hai pichka fulaona hai 
mauje naina milke mauje naina milke
semar ka dona hai footaa bhagaunaa hai 
mauje nainan milke mauje naina milke

affnati dhaar me khar pattwaar pe 
cheekhe fatinge ki behna 
ant ke toofan se maut ke ufaan me 
ladti hai sanso ki senaa bus karo na 

i love the games we play
this cat and mouse
build your house of cards
i burn it down
like the muzzle i can't restrain 
you breathe a fire in my veins
you think i'm crazy

Top user comments for lyrics of song "Mauje Naina"
newsjunkieish on Thursday, August 02, 2012
May be the trick is to pretend you are Punjabi when you listen to a Punjabi song. It's important to know the cultural context. But sometimes you listen to something completely alien and it's instantly attractive. So many languages exist in the sub-continent, we are lucky that another language from the region is not completely alien. I meet Farida Khanum every time she's in Delhi. By the way, she was born in Calcutta, and she and Mukhtar Begum trained there. The Bengali influence there for you :)

newsjunkieish on Wednesday, August 01, 2012
Hey, Aniqas, this is great music. When you open yourself to the world, you embrace influences from all over. After all, you eat mangoes, tomatoes, use chilli in your food, where do you think it comes from? Similarly, music is best when it appeals to your heart and mind. Doesn't matter if it's desi folk or jazz. You are right, there is a lot of Indian music that can be showcased here, and is being showcased. But that's not a fair case to run down any particular kind of music or musician.

0x0MuGeN0x0 on Friday, January 25, 2013
I do have a lot of friends from Saharanpur dude! And am pretty proud of the place and the amazing people it has offered to the world of music!! But I do come to YouTube to enjoy some amazing music. Somehow, music and art to me are the only few things that transcend the petty boundaries which we build around us based on caste, creed, race, country and religion. I'm proud of what humanity and life has to offer as a whole, not just little boxes which we define and live in! Cheers.. :)

brahmabul on Wednesday, July 11, 2012
@shamk9 Unfortunately your comment got deleted. But let me just reply to it since I got your reply in my mail. Its not only CS-Pak but CS itself is a show which showcases the culture of the country. The reason I said that CS-Pak has never produced anything like this is because there have been constant allegations that CS India copies from CS-Pak. This song is a staunch reply to that. CS-Pak is mainly Sufi oriented and without doubt they are the masters in this genre.

mitali khakhar on Sunday, July 08, 2012
Title: Mauje Naina "You think I'm crazy, but I'm not. When I close my eyes, The lights go off. Lie awake in my bed, Your secrets in my head. you think I'm crazy.. I just point the way, Watch you go down. Like a sure refrain, You come around Lie awake, unprepared, To still the madness in my head Don’t think I'm crazy, I'm not! When I close my eyes The lights go off!! Hope people get the real meaning of the song!

sanamo86 on Sunday, July 08, 2012
Dear Clinton...fantastic song, but the seductive caberet/ jazzy english part is unnecessary & really doesnt fit in. There is enough power & beauty in the main hindi part, that to jazz it up is totally unnecessary & breaks the emotion in the song. btw its not that im against fusion music, used correctly can add oomph to a song, but fusion for the sake of fusion dilutes the power of a song

newsjunkieish on Thursday, August 02, 2012
I recommend this documentary on the evolving music of the Banjaras as they travelled to Europe and evolved into the gypsies and Gitanos. So a lot of musical influences of Europe actually went from here. Flamenco is heavily influenced by the gypsies. The documentary is called Latcho Drom (Have a good journey). If you like music, a must watch.

brahmabul on Friday, July 13, 2012
Well as long as people appreciate and love music, I see no reason why CS-Pak should not continue like this. Similarly for long as people appreciate and love the different variety of songs, there is no reason why they should not continue like this. Music is what matters in both cases.

Avneesh Dwivedi on Sunday, June 30, 2013
I have always been a big fan of Clinton! Awesome work again! Singers have rocked the song! Simply superb!! And i completely agree with Danny B. If you actually have even a very small amount of sense or understanding of music you don't have time to think about other stuff while watching this video!

Mithilesh Pradhan on Wednesday, September 04, 2013
This song is just so awesome. Even after a year, I listen to it and I get goosebumps. Haunting... Haunting is the word. And when I went deeper and understood the lyrics... It just blew my mind. In my opinion the best song that Cokestudio India has churned out so far. (season 3 included).

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Singer: Manoj Yadav, Ajinkya Iyer, Traditional
Music Director: Clinton Cerejo
External Links: Coke Studio 2 - Episode 01 at Wikipedia
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