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Song from the movie Woh Lamhe
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Shiney Ahuja, Kangana Ranaut Romantic Songs
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Average Rating : 4.13
Total Vote(s) : 30
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Lyrics / Video of Song : Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai

kyu aajkal nind kam khwab jyada hai
lagta khuda ka koi nek irada hai
kal tha fakir aaj dil shehzada hai
lagta khuda ka koi nek irada hai
kya mujhe pyar hai aah kaisa khumaar hai aah
kya mujhe pyar hai aah kaisa khumaar hai aah

pathhar ke inn rasto pe phulo ki ek chadar hai
jabse mile ho hamko badla har ek manzar hai
dekho jahaan me nile nile aasmaan tale
rang naye naye hai jaise ghulte hue
soye the khwab mere jaage tere waste
tere khayalo se hai bhige mere raste
kya mujhe pyar hai aah kaisa khumaar hai aah
kya mujhe pyar hai aah kaisa khumaar hai aah

tum kyu chale aate ho har roz in khwaabo me
chupke se aa bhi jaao ek din meri baaho me
tere hi sapne andhero me ujaalo me
koi nasha hai teri aankho ke pyaalo me
tu mere khwabo me jawaabo me sawaalo me
har din chura tumhe main lata hu khayalo me
kya mujhe pyar hai aah kaisa khumaar hai aah
kya mujhe pyar hai aah kaisa khumaar hai aah

lyrics typed by: neha gupta

lyrics of song Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai

Top user comments for lyrics of song "Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai"
Ambarish Ravi on Friday, September 03, 2010
@rodungp haha. dude. what do you mean most of them are honest and have integrity. our honesty and integrity is always confined to our homes and families and friends. when it comes to public life or public affairs, everyone of us steps out of the line. look around you mate. Everybody bribes, lies at work, tries to shirk work, copies in exams, tries to not pay for things they should. I am talking about the common man. we need to be taught honesty and integrity even outside the sphere of our house

I. Mursalin on Sunday, May 17, 2009
hey you all, I'm glad 'though this Hindi version of Indonesian Peterpan's song has made lot of controversion, by the end we can get to know other culture ... that's the beauty of this life, different countries, ethnics, languages, cultures and different religion ... and you know what? despite all those diversities, it doesn't mean that we have to boo and hate others ... just enjoy 'em, 'cos God made that since the first time He created universe and human kind ...

I. Mursalin on Monday, May 18, 2009
on this point, I agree w/ you as far as I read on the net, that this so-called "pritam" guy has violated the right of atleast two indonesian band/singers' songs ... not to add other foreign songs (forgot what are those, just do a google search on this) the point is, this kind of plagiarism acts must be considered as crimes, no mather who does this or which nationality he is (that's include plagiarism done by some from indonesia, my country)

madnbadboi on Sunday, March 14, 2010
Gian93Carlo U r saying that bollywood copies music and movies from around the world. but you might not know that bollywood makes about 1000 movies per year (average). so probably it makes bout 4000 songs averagly ( 4 per movie). so it makes 4000 thousands songs.. only bout 200 are copy... but what bout 3800 songs which r original work.. WE ALL KNOW THAT BOLLYWOOD HAS LOTS OF TALENTED DIRECTORS, SINGERS AND ACTORS.. !

davisarren on Friday, June 12, 2009
Hi, Indian guy here. I love listening to music from other languages. I have to admit though english songs are going to sh*ts right now. Listened to both versions, and i think the indonesian version is more true to themeaning and sounds better. Maybe because thats the way it was originally intended to be. Plus i think this is the second song Pritam copied of this same band - Peterpan.

Gotz2Bril on Monday, April 13, 2009
i agree, but wake up and smell the fresh coffee why dont you? everyone around the world "copy"/"sample"/whatever you wanna call it other people's work.and i'm glad they are doin it, because it adds a whole new perspective to what's already out there...Hip Hoppers do it too...they sample Indians believe it or it's not that big of a deal.

mielachan on Monday, April 25, 2011
@purabpaschim we have a thousand island & ocean...a thousand culture...a thousand language...we have Borobudur...Bali...a thousand kind flora and fauna...Komodo..we have the great history and the important is we have the biggest forest island in the world to keep u breath some oxigent and still alive on the earth until this day... :-p

MsNakedsoul on Friday, September 25, 2009
Well this video makes me more and more and more PROUD to be an indonesian, this video gives a prove that indonesian music is awesome and verrrry verrry good. that's why the singer copied it from peter pan . but why he didn't ask for a permission from the real singer (peter pan)???? Hey.. piracy is a crime man!!! ;-(

kevinarjunps on Tuesday, September 07, 2010
Bollywood writers and musicians have been known to resort to plagiarism. Ideas, plot lines, tunes or riffs have been copied from other Indian film industries or foreign films (including Hollywood and other Asian films). This has led to criticism towards the film industry.

Sciencenerd on Tuesday, January 20, 2009
meri duniya... kyun aajkal neend kam khwaab jyada hai lagta khuda ka koi nek iraada hain kal ka fakir dil aaj shehzada hain lagta khuda ka koi nek iraada hain kya mujhe pyar hain aah kaisa khumaar hain aah kya mujhe pyar hain aah kaisa khumaar hain aah

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Film cast: Kangna Ranaut, Shiney Ahuja, Shaad Randhawa, Masumeh Makhija, Purab Kohli, Anita Wahi, Ram Prakash, Preeti Kopikar, Abbas, Nilofer, Neeraj Khetrapal, Sandeep Sikand, Sanjeev Vaid, Rishi Prasad, Ashfaque Hussain, Sunil Bob, Candida
Singer: Glenn John, James, Jawad Ahmad, K K, Kunal Ganjawala, Shreya Ghoshal
Lyricist: Nilesh Mishra, Sayeed Qadri
Music Director: Pritam Chakraborty, Roop Kumar Rathod
Film Director: Mohit Suri
Film Producer: Mukesh Bhatt
External Links: Woh Lamhe at IMDB    Woh Lamhe at Wikipedia

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