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Song from the movie Hum Kisi Se Kum Naheen
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Rishi Kapoor, Kajal Kiran, Tariq Filmfare Awards Nominee, Filmfare Awards Winner, Dard Bhare Geet
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Average Rating : 4.27
Total Vote(s) : 205
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Lyrics of Kya Huwa Teraa Vada, Woh Kasam Woh Irada - क्या हुआ तेरा वादा वो क़सम वो इरादा

kya huwa teraa vada wo kasam wo irada
kya huwa teraa vada wo kasam wo irada
bhulega dil jis din tumhe
wo din jindagee kaa aakharee din hoga
kya huwa teraa vada wo kasam woh irada
bhulega dil jis din tumhe
wo din jindagee kaa aakharee din hoga
kya huwa teraa vada

yad hai mujhko tune kaha tha
tumse nahee ruthenge kabhee
dil kee tarah se hath mile hain
kaise bhala chhutenge kabhee
teree bahon me beeti har shyam 
bewafa yeh bhee kya yad nahee
kya huwa teraa vada woh kasam woh irada
bhulega dil jis din tumhe
wo din jindagee kaa aakharee din hoga
kya huwa teraa vada wo kasam woh irada

o kehne wale mujhko farebee
 kaun farebee hai yeh bata
wo jisne gham liya pyar kee khatir
ya jisne pyar ko bech diya
nasha daulat kaa aisa bhee kya
ke tujhe kuchh bhee yad nahee
kya huwa teraa vada, woh kasam woh irada
bhulega dil jis din tumhe
wo din jindagee kaa aakharee din hoga
kya huwa teraa vada wo kasam wo irada

lyrics of song Kya Huwa Teraa Vada, Woh Kasam Woh Irada

Comments for lyrics of song "Kya Huwa Teraa Vada, Woh Kasam Woh Irada"
Nirmal Malviya on Thursday, May 28, 2015
क्या हुआ तेरा वादा, वो कसम, वो इरादा भूलेगा दिल जिस दिन तुम्हें वो दिन जिन्दगी का आखरी दिन होगा याद है मुझको, तू ने कहा था तुम से नहीं रुठेंगे कभी दिल की तरह से हाथ मिले हैं कैसे भला छूटेंगे कभी तेरी बाहों में बीती हर शाम बेवफ़ा, ये भी क्या याद नहीं ओ कहने वाले मुझको फरेबी कौन फरेबी है ये बता वो जिस ने ग़म लिया प्यार की खातिर या जिस ने प्यार को बेच दिया नशा दौलत का ऐसा भी क्या के तुझे कुछ भी याद नहीं

Kamalesh Raval on Thursday, June 12, 2014
अमर प्रेम का बंधन अलग रहने से भी कम नहीं होता... मिलते हैं बिछड़े फिर से तो शिकायत या गम नहीं होता ... भूल जाएँ - टूट जाएँ - बिखर जाएँ जो घौंसला वक्त के साथ उन घर के रिश्तेदारों के जज्बात में "कमल" दम नहीं होता 

amanullahq on Thursday, November 27, 2008
wat hapnd 2 ur promise, dat promise, dat resolution da day heart wil 4gt u wil be lst day of life..2 i stil remember u said wil never go away frm u by heart we met today how can we depart passed evenings in ur arms have u even forgotten this what happnd to ur prmoise. last day of life. oh who calls me a traitor tell me who is a traiter da 1 who underwent agony for luv or da 1 who sold luv away. why so proud about wealth dat u forgot everything (btween us)

Satish Sachdeva on Sunday, August 10, 2014
What an intensely sung song, with such god like magic voice ...He won filmfare award for this song I think. Late Rafi Sahab numerous such soulful songs today decorating and illuminating the bollywood industry in music. His voice has earned so high laurels for Indian films all over the world. As long as universe is there, these songs of Rafi Sahab will keep shining and sparkling and will remain crowning glory for India. RIP RAFI SAHAB

Satish Sachdeva on Monday, March 23, 2015
This song is like Sachin Tendulkar's classic straight drive. .. an impeccable singing with such sweetness and honeyful voice ..God might have sent him to Bollywood to entertain us people, but it appears that after sending him to Bollywood, God must have though I have created this wonder, and then God felt he needed the voice and singing Rafi Sahab more and he called Rafi Sahab back. 

Shameer Adam on Friday, June 24, 2011
The song that immortalised the great Mohd Rafi, there can never be another Rafi... regarded even by the majority of his peers as the greatest singer India has produced. Along with Kishore they are head and shoulders above anything we have ever heard . God rest their souls Beloved Mohd Rafi and the Great Kishore Kumar

fade581 on Monday, November 12, 2012
Yaad Hai Mujhko Tunay Kaha Tha Tum Se Nahi Roothain gey Kabhi..Dil Ki Tarha Se Haath Millay Hain Kaisay Bhalla Chootain Gey kabhi..Teri Bahon Main Beeti Har Shaam Bewafa Ye Bhi Kya Yaad Nahi..Kya Hua Tera Waada Wo Qasam Wo Iraada..Bhoolay Ga Dil Jis Din Tumhain Wo Din Zindagi Ka Aakhri Din Hoga

PrettyPink1406 on Sunday, July 13, 2008
BHulega dil jis din tumhe woh zindagi ka akhri din hoga, nasha dolat ka aisa bhi kya ki tujhe kuch bhi yaad nehi, teri baho mein bhiti har shyam bewafa iye bhi kya kuch bhi yaad nehi-this parts are really touching!THE SONG IS MELIDIOUS AND TOUCHES YOUR HEART.THIS SONG IS A LEGEND AND MY FAVOURITE!!

Steve Austin on Monday, April 23, 2007
firstly great music by R.D Burman & crew This song hit the girl hard cause she left her childhood bf for the next guy.Childhood bf burst the song kya hua tera wada[What happened to your promise?] on her which pierced her and made her realized their love and bond. Powerful Song

Shafik Ahmed on Monday, March 26, 2012
When ever i listen this song i miss some one very much- if i was little wealthy like know? i can took away her to the end of this world and kept her in my eyes, i miss you kh. and know i never say i love you so i again say i miss you

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Film cast: Rishi Kapoor, Kajal Kiran, Tariq, Amjad Khan, Kamal Kapoor, Om Shiv Puri, Murad, Vimal Ahuja, Master Bunty, Baby Rani, Leena Das, Tom Alter, Ajit, Zeenat Aman, S Banerji, Aarti, Nandita Thakur, Nitin Sethi, Agha, Jalal Aga, Ravindra Kapoor, Bhushan Tiwari, Ashoo, Sushma, Shefali, Rani, Arpana, Ratna, Yashraj, Ahmad Khan, Rajendra Singh, Amarjeet, Rajesh, Omi, Chandan, Maqsood
Singer: Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar, Mohammed Rafi, R D Burman
Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri
Music Director: R D Burman
Film Director: Nasir Hussain
Film Producer: Nasir Hussain
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