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Song from the movie Mangu Dada
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Average Rating : 4.60
Total Vote(s) : 5
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Lyrics / Video of Song : Jitni Hasin Ho Tum

jitni hasin ho tum haye utni hi bewafa ho
fir bhi mere liye tum fir bhi mere liye tum
mai kya batau kya ho jitni hasin ho tum

tumko saja rakha hai palko ki chilmano me
tum sans le rahi ho is dil ki dhadkano me
itni karib ho kar itni karib ho kar
fir kyu juda juda ho jitni hasin ho tum

mujhko siwa tumhare kuch bhi pata nahi hai
dunia me hai to kya hai dunia me kya nahi hai
kitni badgum ho tum fir bhi badgum ho
naraj ho khafa ho jitni hasin ho tum

itni pe hamne wade wafa na payi
apne liye tumhari koi ada na payi
lagta hai yu ke mujhse lagta hai yu ke mujhse
rutha mera khuda ho itni hasin ho tum
utni hi bewafa ho fir bhi mere liye tum
fir bhi mere liye tum mai kya batau kya ho
jitni hasin ho tum utni hi bewafa ho
jitni hasin ho tum utni hi bewafa ho

lyrics of song Jitni Hasin Ho Tum

Top user comments for lyrics of song "Jitni Hasin Ho Tum"
RealMusicKing on Saturday, August 14, 2010
Hello Yuan. TY. Never heard it before but it's great number. C. Arjun was a very knowledgeable MD. Unfortunately, he didn't do well. He did have a superhit song in 1976.."Main To Aarti Utaroon" in film Jai Santoshi Maa sung by Usha Mangeshkar.

Devendra Singh on Wednesday, September 30, 2015
तुमको सजा रखा है पलकों की चिलमनों में तुम साँस ले रही हो इस दिल की धड़कनो में इतनी क़रीब होकर फ़िर क्यूँ जुदा-जुदा हो जितनी हसीन हो तुम उतनी ही बेवफ़ा हो फ़िर भी मेरे लिए तुम मैं क्या बताऊँ क्या हो जितनी हसीन हो तुम .. लाजवाब गीत। फ़िल्म मंगू दादा का यह ख़ूबसूरत गीत जां निसार अख़्तर ने कलमबद्ध किया, सी. अर्जुन ने मधुर सुरों में ढाला, बड़े ही सुरीले और शोख़ भरे अंदाज़ में रफ़ी साहिब ने इसे गाकर नायाब गीत बना दिया। इस गीत से मिलता-जुलता एक गाना और भी है - रुख़ से ज़रा नक़ाब उठा दो मेरे हुज़ूर। फ़िल्म मंगू दादा का यह गीत रुपहले परदे पर सुजीत कुमार और फ़रियाल पर picturised था वैसे फ़िल्म में सितारे बेशुमार थे और स्टंट फिल्मों के दर्शक ख़ास संख्या में होते थे जो इस तरह की फिल्मों को बहुत enjoy करते थे। ऐसी फिल्मों के गाने बड़े प्यारे हुआ करते थे। छोटे बजट की फिल्मों से बड़ी कमाई हो जाया करती थी। कितना प्यारा समय हुआ करता था। इस फ़िल्म में शेख़ मुख़्तार, के.एन. सिंह, भगवान, श्याम कुमार, ज़ेब रहमान, शकीला बानो भोपाली, पूर्णिमा सरीखे कलाकार थे, जो उस ज़माने में अपनी ख़ास अहमियत रखते थे और जिन्हें आज हम भूल चुके हैं। ऐसे गीतों, ऐसे कलाकारों, ऐसी भूली बिसरी यादों को रूबरू लाने का बहुत-बहुत शुक्रिया।

yuanyuanyuanyin on Thursday, August 12, 2010
- This film is an "unknown" one. That is why I have written following. Thanks. Late Mr. Mohammed Rafi was not only gifted with a divine voice, he was also a very humble and considerate individual. He would help out struggling music directors and would sing for them virtually for nothing. And he would give his best to these songs. There are countless Rafi songs sung for anonymous music directors which were picturised on forgotten/ forgettable actors. This beautiful song is one of them!

Sameer691000 on Thursday, August 12, 2010
I remember Sheikh Mukhtar also produced some movies as I can't remember exactly now but the only movie I watched in local cinema was "Noor Jahan" the movie was based on the life of mogul empress Noor Jahan. The movie was full of beautiful romantic songs. Cheif characters in the cast were Sheikh Mukhtar himself and Meena Kumari and probably Pardeep kumar. I don't see any of the songs from that movie on Youtube I don' know why?

srjsv on Thursday, February 03, 2011
Thank for uploading one more rare song of Rafi. C.Arjun also composed music of Punarmilan, Mein aur Mera Bhai. There is a long list of MDs who composed only for one two or three films but are still remembered for those songs. Ram Lal,Lachhi Ram,N.Dutta,G.S.Kohli,Sardar Malik,Jamal Sen,S.mohinde,Suhridkar. We must thank B or C or whatever grade films that gave us chance to hear such melodies of those talented MDs.

jasbongy on Thursday, August 12, 2010
@Shaam44 Beautiful comment Jemal ji. Can i add in your comment ? Have you seen Rafi ji's pictures. In every photo he has beautiful,smile on his face. This can be because of his very beautiful heart with love for all human beings. Do you also think that way ? Love. Sis. Sarla.

jasbongy on Thursday, August 12, 2010
Yuan ji your song selection is really beautiful . Rafi ji sings very melodiously. I always feel that he is best while singing romantic songs. Thums Up. With respect and love. Sarla.

yuanyuanyuanyin on Thursday, August 12, 2010
- Just now, You Tube have done a major update and now the "default settings" have been changed. We have to do everything manually and now Ratings enabled! Thank you.

yuanyuanyuanyin on Wednesday, September 01, 2010
- I too hope so my dear friend. Insha'Allah [God willing]! Sooner is the better, at least during OUR life time, for God's sake! Thank you and take care.

MOHAN DOSHI on Wednesday, September 01, 2010
@yuanyuanyuanyin A lot of the music of the yesteryears was based on the classical ragas and the folk tunes. These appealed to the masses and some movies ran only because of the music. In fact, heroes like Biswajeet, Joy Mukherjee, Rajendra Kumar et al., were jubilee heroes only because of the lovely music in their movies. Nowadays, the MDs rely more upon imparting techno pop, hip hop and other western trends in their music. The results are there to see. People's tastes have not changed.

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Film cast: Sheikh Mukhtar, Faryal Manmohan, Sujit Kumar, Shakeela Bano Bhopali, K N Singh
Singer: Asha Bhosle, Mohammed Rafi
Lyricist: Indeevar, S.H. Bihari, Akhtar Romani
Music Director: C Arjun
Film Director: Maruti
Film Producer: H R Khera
External Links: Mangu Dada at IMDB    
Watch Full Movie: Mangu Dada at YouTube    

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