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Song from the movie Punjabi Hit Squad
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Average Rating : 3.00
Total Vote(s) : 1
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Lyrics / Video of Song : Hai Hai Nee Legeya Sada Dil Mirja

miss scandalous can u handle this
panjabi hit skuad making u high

hai hai nee legeya sada dil mirja - (3)
oye oye nee legeya sada dil mirja
legeya legeya nee legay sada dil mirja

miss scandalous can u handle this

hai hai nee legeya sada dil mirja
oye oye nee legeya sada dil mirja
legeya legeya nee legeya sada dil mirja

mirja dekha shisha karke, nee mai begaye kalaja farke - (2)
nee dil meraa tak tak tarke

hai hai mar gai mar gai, hai hai nee legeya sada dil mirja
mar gai mar gai nee legeya sada dil mirja

so i step in the joint with style and finesse
dressed in designer just luking my best
versace armani iceberg or guess
gucci envy, they smell so fresh
hold it down for my mans in the west
dress to impress the gyala them stress
coz they luking a mess, but never the less
i walk on by, coz they never can test

vocal assassin but shot through the chest
last time i fail but like i' m a success
lyrics hit hard, hard toh digest
other emcees, u aint no contest
got lyrics tat annoy and beats tat blessed
baptise u on chest on a chest
rec execs tat know how toh invest
it' s the mans u know as phs

coz i' m miss scandalous, on a track so fat u can handle this
heat up the joint bodies caress
hit boiling point and its time toh undress
ladies look so envious
don' t step to me coz i be fearless careless
and the girls them jealous
step out the first and into the next verse

mirja tande hoke partha, ortha sada, uthe marda - (2)
ortha sanu veeni sarda

hai hai, mar gai mar gai
hai hai nee legeya sada dil mirja - (2)

so just as u feeling sexy
move to the lady as a emcee
whisper inn her ear and drive her crajy
touch her softly, kiss her gently
dance ur body like ur sexing
move to the neck coz ur flexing
undressing forever messing
but never the less there' s no confessing

no vibe toh night inside feeling high
checking the girls as ur rolling by
giving a smile as u catch her eye
blow her a kiss and then she'  s waving bye
shes' s s toh the c - a n d a toh the lou its me
its me, scandalous lady emcee
scandalous toh the highest degree

ik dil meliya minu vese, orthi jeb vich hai nee pese - (2)
dekaur mahi aja kal kaisa

hai hai, mar gai mar gai
hai hai nee legeya sada dil mirja
hai hai nee legeya sada dil mirja

now ladies, if u' re feeling this
coz this one holds the lyrical bliss
coz all of dem gyal dem wanna kiss kiss
with mans with platinum ice on their wrist
sip of the champaj and they getting piss piss
put inn the club, they on the guest list
big up the man them looking chris
out tat one and into this

we gonna cool u off like ice
with lyrics and beats the crowd we entice
babble emcees, come out of ice
play our game, lose and pay the price
represent london up on the mic
making the tunes tat the ravers like
yes making the tunes tat we'  re all about
miss scandalous iss signing out

mirja nith mil naa nu arvae, nee bas bitty bitty chavae - (2)
minu darr kali nu arvae

hai hai, mar gai mar gai
hai hai nee legeye sada dil mirja
oye oye nee legeye sada dil mirja

legeye legeye nee legeye sada dil mirja
mar gai mar gai, nee legeye sada dil mirja

Top user comments for lyrics of song "Hai Hai Nee Legeya Sada Dil Mirja"
sunit ravaliya on Thursday, August 26, 2010
Her rapping is cool! Classic

NinaKatarina on Wednesday, July 07, 2010
I think the best version of this song would just be her singing in Punjabi and the English rap being completely replaced by nothing but instrumental.

speedytangent22 on Saturday, April 04, 2009
well comon guys this is freakin 21st century if u have an access to the latest software n sound mixing equipments then even u can sing:) lolz

MegaBoss0123 on Friday, November 06, 2009
LOL. I like the white guy showing his moves.

speedytangent22 on Tuesday, March 31, 2009
wooooooooo whtt da f u kkkk!!! mayne is she the same gurl in other videos shes mad ugly mayne n thts so obvious she s got no talent dammmmm y do even punjabis bother to sing if they dont have good enough songs !! i mean get some good lyrics before comin to the screen mayne!

Abz khan on Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Hit squad ,had a good track on danger3, peepz loved it, hats how she came up..,all her other tracks,aint nutin speacil, but shes more watched then me, so ill rest it there !

MultiMEGA1994 on Wednesday, March 07, 2012
lol yz da boyz sayin LE GAYA SADA DIL MIRZA,sumin foshy goin on der lol,stil old skool bringin bak childhood memories n ma grl scandalous lukin bare piff

gaysikh on Thursday, May 05, 2011
@wizkhalifaa That white guy was in charge of asian music programming for the BBC Asian Network for the last 6 years or so. Who's the fail now?

warmasice on Saturday, January 08, 2011
@wizkhalifaa that white guy is marky mark.. the back-bone of Punjabi hit squad and can probably speak better punjabi than you

icon20078 on Sunday, March 20, 2011
HAHA WOW! when the beat drops we had this trackin banginnnnnn in the cars with the heavy bass turnt up!

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