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Song from the movie Pehli Nazar
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Motilal, Munawar Sultana Sad Songs
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Average Rating : 4.50
Total Vote(s) : 102
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Lyrics of Dil Jalta Hai To Jalne De, Aansoo Na Baha - दिल जलता है तो जलने दे, आँसू ना बहा

dil jalataa hai to jalane de 
aansu na bahaa fariyaad na kar 
dil jalataa hai to jalane de 

tu paradaa nashi ka aashiq hai 
yu naam-e-vafaa barabaad na kar 
dil jalataa hai to jalane de 

maasum najar ke tir chalaa 
bismil ko bismil aur banaa
ab sharm-o-hayaa ke parade me 
yu chhup chhup ke bedaad na kar 
dil jalataa hai to jalane de 

ham aas lagaaye baithe hai 
tum vadaa karake bhul gaye 
ya surat aake dikhaa jaao 
ya kaha do hamako yaad na kar 
dil jalataa hai, dil jalataa hai, dil jalataa hai

lyrics of song Dil Jalta Hai To Jalne De, Aansoo Na Baha

Comments for lyrics of song "Dil Jalta Hai To Jalne De, Aansoo Na Baha"
Colonel Rao on Saturday, October 22, 2011
Mukeshji is in Saigals shoes in this greatest song by him and he became an
accomplished singer with this song and got recognition.The song had great
depth , sorrow and pain and even to day this is still fresh and feel like
crying. one must listen to this song in Darkness of night in silence.A very
great performance by the immortal singer Mukeshji. With sucjh songs he is
still amongst us and still alive.

shahid mahmood on Wednesday, August 13, 2014
दिल जलता है तो जलने दे - دل جلتا ہے تو جلنے دے
आँसू ना बहा फ़रियाद ना कर - آنسو نہ بہا فریاد نہ کر
दिल जलता है तो जलने दे - دل جلتا ہے تو جلنے دے
तू परदा नशीं का आशिक़ है - تو پردہ نشیں کا عاشق ہے
यूं नाम-ए-वफ़ा बरबाद ना कर - یوں نامِ وفا برباد نہ کر
दिल जलता है तो जलने दे - دل جلتا ہے تو جلنے دے
मासूम नजर के तीर चला - معصوم نظر کے تیر چلا
बिस्मिल को बिस्मिल और बना - بسمل کو بسمل اور بنا
अब शर्म-ओ-हया के परदे में - اب شرم و حیا کے پردے میں
यूं छुप छुप के बेदाद ना कर - یوں چھپ چھپ کے بیداد نہ کر
दिल जलता है तो जलने दे - دل جلتا ہے تو جلنے دے
हम आस लगाये बैठे हैं - ہم آس لگائے بیٹھے ہیں
तुम वादा करके भूल गये - تم وعدہ کرکے بھول گئے
या सूरत आके दिखा जाओ - یا صورت آکے دکھا جاؤ
या कह दो हमको याद ना कर یا کہہ دو ہم کو یاد نہ کر 

Shalin Bhatt on Friday, January 08, 2010
@barcfrdpp - bismil can mean either a sacrificial offering [like an animal]
or a lover [figurative sense]. he says "maasoom nazar ke teer chalaa,
bismil ko bismil aur banaa". i don't understand the exact meaning of that
2nd part, but the 1st is 'shooting arrows out of those innocent-looking
eyes', so perhaps...sacrificing that which is to be sacrificed? or wounding
even more people who yearn for those eyes? just a guess.

Tarsemlal Gercha on Wednesday, August 14, 2013
This was a good start for Mukesh's carrier with a nice and graceful song in
the melodic sphere of the film industry. Nodoubt some people mistakenly
took this song as the voice of K.L.Sehgal , however "Gem is Gem" I always
appreciated this song too much even since from my childhood and have it now
in my collections of songs in India. Mukesh will remain immortal forever.
Thanks a lot for uploading the song. Prof. Gercha

apparaoarani on Thursday, October 07, 2010
Long back, Manohar Mahajan of Radio cylone told , that , Anil Biswas assured, Mazahar khan ( who objected this song ), the film will be released only in one theater, and if this song is not accepted by audiens, it may be removed from the film. Later it proved except this song no body is in the memories of public-Arani Apparao-Hyderabad.(A.P.)

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Film cast: Munawwar Sultana, Baburao Pendharkar
Singer: Mukesh, Naseem Akhtar
Lyricist: Aah Sitapuri
Music Director: Anil Biswas
External Links: Pehli Nazar at IMDB    

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