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Song from the movie Jagriti
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De Di Hame Aazadi Bina Khadag Bina Dhaal Asha Bhosle Hemant Kumar Kavi Pradeep Jagriti (1954) Abhi Bhattacharya Patriotic Songs, All Time Great
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Average Rating : 4.28
Total Vote(s) : 441
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Lyrics / Video of Song : De Di Hame Aazadi Bina Khadag Bina Dhaal

de di hame aazadi bina khadag bina dhal
sabarmati ke sant tune kar diya kamaal
aandhi me bhi jalti rahi gandhi teri mashaal
sabarmati ke sant tune kar diya kamaal
de di hame aazadi

dharati pe ladi tune ajab dhab ki ladaai
daagi na kahi top na banduk chalaai
dushman ke kile par bhi na ki tune chadhaai
vaah re fakir khub karamat dikhaai
chutaki me dushmano ko diya desh se nikaal
sabarmati ke sant tune kar diya kamaal
de di hame aazadi
raghupati raghav raja ram

shatranj bichha kar yahan baitha tha zamana
lagta tha mushkil hai firangi ko harana
takkar thi bade zor ki dushman bhi tha tana
par tu bhi tha bapu bada ustaad purana
mara vo kas ke daav ke ulti sabhi ki chal
sabarmati ke sant tune kar diya kamaal
de di hame aazadi
raghupati raghav raja ram

jab jab tera bigul baja javan chal pade
mazadur chal pade the aur kisaan chal pade
hindu vo musalman, sikh pathan chal pade
kadamo pe tere koti koti pran chal pade
phulo ki sej chod ke daude jawahar lal
sabarmati ke sant tune kar diya kamaal
de di hame aazadi
raghupati raghav raja ram

man me thi ahinsaa ki lagan tan pe langoti
lakho me ghumtaa tha liye satay ki soti
vaise to dekhane me thi hasti teri chhoti
lekin tujhe jhukati thi himalay ki bhi choti
duniya me tu bejod tha insaan bemisaal
sabarmati ke sant tune kar diya kamaal
de di hame aazadi
raghupati raghav raja ram

jag me koi jiya hai to bapu tu hi jiya
tune vatan ki raah pe sab kuch luta diya
maanga na koi takht na to taj hi liya
amrit diya sabhi ko magar khud zehar piya
jis din teri chita jali, roya tha mahakaal
sabarmati ke sant tune kar diya kamaal
de di hame aazadi
raghupati raghav raja ram

lyrics of song De Di Hame Aazadi Bina Khadag Bina Dhaal
Top user comments for lyrics of song "De Di Hame Aazadi Bina Khadag Bina Dhaal"
durlabhpkolhe on Saturday, October 31, 2009
this tune might inspired from song of film 'anmol ghadi' i.e. kya mil gaya bhagwan tuze dil ko dukhake' in particular starting of the song. no doubt hemant kumar was a talented music director and singer. the above opinion are my personal. i like all songs from jagruti.

ds48md53 on Saturday, December 29, 2007
Very appropriate song for this time what our earth is going through. This must be translated inevery language of this universe and sent to every school and colleges an every leaers of the world to spread the word of AHINSA AN MAHATMA GANDHI !!!

kranti1820 on Saturday, August 02, 2008
Can I get the song "Sun le Bapu ye paigam, meri chitthi tere naam" I wish to download that song either audio or video. I don't remember the details as picture, singer, lyricist or music director.

Jalilm123 on Tuesday, July 29, 2008
you are absolutely right. such nice tune and so meaningful poety, the other side will have to copy it. Moreover, my salute to this great leader as well. (Mahatma Ghandi).

M0H51N786 on Sunday, August 10, 2008
I'm not one who want to create ill feeling or anything, but this song is copied from 'Aye Quaid-e-Azam Tera Ehsan hai Ehsan'

grtgal on Monday, July 21, 2008
this song is from very old movie "Jagriti(1954)" can dis song is copied.....i thnk ur song was copied from dis song.

abs14375 on Sunday, April 06, 2008
mahatma gandhi = super human... it will take the wordely folkes a couple of centures to understand gandhi....a true saint.

sirishk on Thursday, January 31, 2008
Used to see in DD Chitrahaar show aout 2 decades back .... thanks for the post

Sambhunath Tiadi on Monday, October 01, 2012
I do not want to read the book" My experiments with Truth" because in this "Kali Yuga" I have already experienced my self. Right is always might. It was from the inception of the human society,presently continuing and will continue also. The administration of India was better during the British Raj. Price was rising,is rising and will rise. I do not think Mahatama Gandhi as father of the nation. If he is father of the nation,then who will be father of all other countries. Can any body say it.

orca110011 on Tuesday, May 05, 2009
Just watching this video makes me cry, and Im a grown young male, omg its gotten me choked, and when I think Im nothing compared to this one person. He truly was an incarnation. Wish I could see bapu, but my great grand father went and lived with him in his ashram for a month or two. Gawd Im still crying, and more :) Its gotten me completely broken. Thank you, baapu. You will have a league of your own.

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Jagriti (1954)
Film cast: Abhi Bhattacharya, Pranoti Ghosh, Dhumal, Bipin Gupta, Kanu Rao, Ghanshyam, Mehmood, Ratan Kumar, Mumtaz Begum, Ramesh Sinha
Singer: Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi, Pradeep
Lyricist: Kavi Pradeep
Music Director: Hemant Kumar
Film Director: Satyen Bose
External Links: Jagriti at IMDB    Jagriti at Wikipedia
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