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Song from the movie Jhoomo Re - Kailash Kher
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Average Rating : 4.07
Total Vote(s) : 27
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Lyrics / Video of Song : Babam Bam Babam Bam Bamleharee

hath jod ke boli kawarja 
hath jod ke boli kawarja
tino lok base basti me 
tino lok base basti me
aap base virane me ji aafate virane me
aji ram bhajo ji ram bhajo ji
ram bhajo ji ram bhajo ji
shiv ka vandan kiya karo
aji shiv ka vandan kiya karo ji
bagad bam babam bam babam bam bam lehri 
bagad bam babam bam babam bam bam lehri 

meri ek suno antaryami 
meri ek suno bhole swami
mai to dasi janam janam ki 
bali umar se bhakti karti 
tumhe chodke kahi na jau 
raat diwas tere charan dabau 
tumhe jo chodu to mar jau 
bagad bam babam bam babam bam bam lehri 
bagad bam babam bam babam bam bam lehri 

ek suno na meri bholenath ji 
ek suno na meri dinanath ji
din bhar mai teri bhang ragad dungi
bhang ragdu tera ragdu dhatura
taj karungi tera pura hukam bajau 
tera pura tujhe pilau tiragnatiya 
tujhe pilau tiragnati aur 
jo bach jave mai pi lungi
amrit jaan samajh pi lungi
sharan me le lo bholenath mohe 
apni bana lo dinanath ji
bagad bam babam bam babam bam bam lehri 
bagad bam babam bam babam bam bam lehri 

ek suno ji parvati meri ek suno gora rani
is jungle me tu kya pavegi
kanjdi ban ban mar javegi
hathi chitadi sher dahaade 
bhasam ramau dhuni ramau 
tandav kar kar damru bajau
gufa bich mera hai dirari 
abhi samajh ja hey gorari
abhi maan ja hey gora
meri bhut ki mala gale pad 

meri khakkad mala gale padi
unko dekh is dar javegi 
mere sang tu kya pavegi
koi acha kuwar raja ko dhundh 
koi rup kuwar raja ko dhundh
tu rani banke baith mehel 
are samajh ja hey gorari 
maha maan ja hey gora
bagad bam babam bam babam bam bam lehri 
bagad bam babam bam babam bam bam lehri

lyrics of song Babam Bam Babam Bam Bamleharee

Top user comments for lyrics of song "Babam Bam Babam Bam Bamleharee"
nibirutendu on Sunday, September 26, 2010
excellent demonstration of shiv trance and the philosophy behind shaivism.the forming of various cults,corruption,anarchy and general breaking of the social fabric,leading to the only thing which is universal and undeniable by anything...destruction.taandav and breaking of a morally decrepit society only to result in a cleaner and newer beginning.the diversity of people shows that no matter what, everybody is human and is subject to this universal phenomena.what a piece of work!!

nibirutendu on Saturday, March 19, 2011
I guess its just a literal albeit milder example of destruction of an already established way of life and culture,which was demonstated by the USSR's uncommon way of life initially and ultimate breakdown,which was brought about under its own weight,for the most part,rather than external factors.the video is pretty cryptic for a song of its type.thats why its a personal favourite of mine too.the people who made it know what they are talking about.

Niraj P on Friday, July 01, 2011
Ok brother, i give in!!! Sanity gives in to Worship!!! Now i m not trying to start a new argument here, but there are a lot of Bhakti songs i know, where Mata Rani, and even the Supreme Lord Shiva are referred to by pronouns like 'Tu' and 'Teri'...i mean, u surely have heard songs which go like - 'Tere Sharan Mein' and 'Tu Meri Mata' etc... here, i find it a little awkward to address Gods as 'Tu'...what do you have to say in this matter????

deepak pradhan on Sunday, July 03, 2011
dude i think you just did not understand the lyrics the specific words you think are objectionable are in fact ,in this song(scenario) is told by lord Shiva to princess Parvati who is try to complacent or satisfy him with her prayers which is basically depicted in the whole song.. just listen to the song carefully ..I think you shouldn't have any objections..and if u still hold ur views read 'Kumar-sambhabam' by Kalidash ..

Govind Pratap on Tuesday, August 28, 2012
--- rough translation ---- Context.. Parvati fell in love and was obsessed with Siva. This is the story of her begging him to allow her to be his slave and consort for all eternity. -------------------------- join your hands and do somethin all three worlds are settled in the city types you are living in the jungle sir, there are dangers in the jungle sir pray to ram (eh why? hes siva! anyway.. ) dont forget to pray to siva

Govind Pratap on Tuesday, August 28, 2012
-- Im guessing here-- ill rub/crush your bhang everyday for you ?? ill prepare your dhatura also everyday ill take care of you completely every command of yours i shall obey ill feed/smoke/get you drunk on tiragnatiya (she only knows what that is) ill just smoke up on whats left over.. Ill imagine its nectar and drink it take me at your feet bholenath make me yours dinanathji, bagad bam, babam bam babam bam bamlehri,

Roshan Rammohan on Friday, March 18, 2011
@nibirutendu When the boy enters, behind the wrestlers "Zapisalsya" (an old russian partisan movement) and behind the madonna "something Varod" (meaning gate), and then there is some Stalin like person on another wall. The corrupt cop is wearing a USSR era Russian uniform, and the bribe money the girl gives him is a set of 1000 Rouble notes! What is happening in this video? Why this subtle communism/russia reference?

Govind Pratap on Tuesday, August 28, 2012
bagad bam, babam bam babam bam bamlehri, (i dont know!.. random cool thing to chant) please hear me out oh all knower please hear me out oh kind sir im your slave for many rebirths ive been devoted to you since i was a little girl i will never leave you. day and night ill worship your feet if i leave you i die.. bagad bam, babam bam babam bam bamlehri, please hear me out bholenath please hear me out dinanathji,

Govind Pratap on Tuesday, August 28, 2012
what you gonna do with me.. what you get out of it find a nice young king.. find a nice handsome feller become his queen and sit in his palace yo.. get what i say girl.. get the shizzle down in your head babygirl. and listen to what i said.. bagad bam, babam bam babam bam bamlehri, thats pretty much it.. then theres some chanting saying mahadev shankar shambu or shikhari shambu or whatever..

SuperRajiv123456789 on Wednesday, January 25, 2012
peace of mind is obtained only after fierce stress of mind for example if u run for 5 km you fall sleep easily. Lord shiva is lord of destruction so it is required to get terrfying by this video but do not try to have peace of mind try to be happy in a distrubed state of mind and u will find after some time u r mind will get peace automatically so be happy

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