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Song from the movie Gaman
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Smita Patil, Farooq Sheikh Intezaar, Filmfare Awards Nominee
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Average Rating : 4.81
Total Vote(s) : 27
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Lyrics / Video of Song : Aap Ki Yaad Aati Rahi Raat Bhar, Chashm-E-Nam Muskuraati Rahi

aap ki yaad aati rahi raat bhar
chashm-e-nam muskuraati rahi raat bhar
aap ki yaad aati rahi  

raat bhar dard ki shamaa jalati rahi
gam ki lau tharatharaati rahi raat bhar  

baansuri ki surili suhaani sadaa
yaad ban banake aati rahi raat bhar  

yaad ki chaand dil me utarati rahi
chaandani dagamagaati rahi raat bhar  

koi divaanaa galiyo me phirataa rahaa
koi aavaaz aati rahi raat bhar

lyrics of song Aap Ki Yaad Aati Rahi Raat Bhar, Chashm-E-Nam Muskuraati Rahi

Top user comments for lyrics of song "Aap Ki Yaad Aati Rahi Raat Bhar, Chashm-E-Nam Muskuraati Rahi"
Rajesh Gupta on Sunday, October 02, 2011
In comparison, today's bollywood songs r nothing less than cacophony. This song is so soothing ,. just love it.

Riyazuddin Kazi on Monday, February 09, 2015
Beautiful Ghazal from film Gaman Melodious voice of Chhaya Ganguli Poet: Maqdoom Mohiuddin आप की याद आती रही रात भर चश्म-ए-नम मुस्कुराती रही रात भर आप की याद आती रही ... Your memories kept coming throughout the night Tearful eyes kept smiling throughout the night. रात भर दर्द की शमा जलती रही ग़म की लौ थरथराती रही रात भर ... The candle of pain kept burning throughout the night The flame of sorrow remained flickering throughout the night. बाँसुरी की सुरीली सुहानी सदा याद बनबनके आती रही रात भर ... Like the melodious sound of flute The memories kept coming throughout the night. याद की चाँद दिल में उतरती रही चाँदनी डगमगाती रही रात भर ... The moons of memories kept setting down in my heart the moonlight remained dangling throughout the night. कोई दीवाना गलियों में फिरता रहा कोई आवाज़ आती रही रात भर ... A madman kept roaming around in the street a voice kept coming throughout the night आप की याद आती रही रात भर चश्म-ए-नम मुस्कुराती रही रात भर आप की याद आती रही ... Your memories keep coming throughout the night Tearful eyes kept smiling throughout the night.

Syed ahmed on Saturday, August 11, 2012
The original poem and this version, the version used in the Movie, was written by Makhdoom Mohiuddin, an eminent Urdu poet of Osmania University from Hyderabad Deccan. Faiz wrote a poem in the same meter and using some of the verses from Makhdoom's poem as a tribute, as a homage, to Makhdoom Mohiuddin after his demise. Radhika Chopra has sung the Faiz version which is available on Youtube. The composition in both versions is the same.

Shivali Vaid on Sunday, December 29, 2013
Aap Ki Yaad Aati Rahi Raat Bhar. Chasham-E-Nam Muskuraati Rahi Raat Bhar Aap Ki Yaad Aati Rahi Raat Bhar Dard Ki Shamaa Jalati Rahi... Gham Ki Lau Tharatharaati Rahi Raat Bhar .

ReALiTy BiTeS on Thursday, July 29, 2010
Beautiful song.if there was no sadness and pain... these songs would have never existed..human emotions are actually songs of life.

Jayesh Pandey on Wednesday, July 10, 2013
फैज़ अहेमद फैज़ साहब ने मखदूम साहब की याद में कुछ इस तरह लिखा है "आपकी याद आती रही रात-भर" चाँदनी दिल दुखाती रही रात-भर गाह जलती हुई, गाह बुझती हुई शम-ए-ग़म झिलमिलाती रही रात-भर कोई ख़ुशबू बदलती रही पैरहन[2] कोई तस्वीर गाती रही रात-भर फिर सबा[3] सायः-ए-शाख़े-गुल[4] के तले कोई क़िस्सा सुनाती रही रात-भर जो न आया उसे कोई ज़ंजीरे-दर[5] हर सदा पर बुलाती रही रात-भर एक उमीद से दिल बहलता रहा इक तमन्ना सताती रही रात-भर मास्को, सितंबर, 1978" (kavitakosh)- jayesh pandey

Syed ahmed on Saturday, August 11, 2012
If you want to listen to Ahmed Jehanzeb, its fine, to each his own. But those of us who prefer the traditional rendering of the ghazal would prefer Chhaya's version or that of Tina Sani or Radhika Chopra. I tried to listen to Jehanzeb's rendering but after 1.5 minutes I had to switch it off.

Ibrahim Khan on Sunday, December 12, 2010
@suhailinoman i have read in a reliable urdu magazine published from delhi that this tribute to maqdoom sb was written by faiz sb in sept 1978 in moscow (in the same bahr of aapki yaad ... ...),where as madoom sb died in jan 1969.please check.

culdee khan on Tuesday, August 09, 2011
kia baat hai faiz ki aur kia gaya hai Chaya Ganguly ne.. bahut umda. this youthful romance is synonomous with none other than Faiz Ahmed faiz. dard ki shama jalti rahi raat bhar.. totally Faiz .

Shrikant Gokhale on Thursday, June 16, 2011
Smita Patils' adakari aur Chhaya Ganguli ki peshkush must. Vaise to 100% marks to Jaivevjee for top composition with minimum required instruments. Thanks!

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Film cast: Farooq Sheikh, Smita Patil, Nana Patekar, Gita Siddharth, Jalal Aga, Sulabha Deshpande, Satish Shah
Singer: Hariharan, Suresh Wadkar, Chaya Ganguly, Hira Devi Mishra
Lyricist: Traditional, Shahryar, Makhdoom Mohiuddin
Music Director: Jaidev
Film Director: Muzaffar Ali
Film Producer: Muzaffar Ali
External Links: Gaman at IMDB    Gaman at Wikipedia
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