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Comments on song "Ye Kaun Aaya"
bombaymann on June 14, 2009
directed by Guru Dutt;movie stars Dev Anand with Geeta Bali and Kalpana Kartik

Geeta bali marries gurudutt and becomes Gita dutt (in real life)they got 3 children
and Devanand married kalpana karthik (in real life) they have one son
so 2 heros of the film married 2 heroines
vithalrukmai on June 27, 2009
Gurdutt's wife was Geeta Roy the play back singer, who became Geeta Dutt upon marriage. Geeta Bali was a film actress who married Shammi Kapoor. True, Devanand married Kalpana Kartik.
Tonyroy00 on October 03, 2009
Geeta Bali did not marry Guru Dutt.Geeta Dutt was Geeta Roy before marriage...
isaac moses on October 15, 2009
Love has no limits, with a hand-in-hand beginning, and a heart-to-heart
follow-up Such a sweet refrain, thrilling screenplay and an enchanting
Geeta Dutt to capture hearts & minds in sweet words to music It's a
wonderful video - a lovely film song
Bharat Desai on October 16, 2009
Perhaps it needs special talent of hearing, seeing, understanding &
remembering like yours to appreciate, otherwise it would not have remained
commentless or ratingless in last two months. Or may be it is too ancient
for many. Thanks.
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on October 16, 2009
One can tell from a long distance that it is Radda001's comment.
Bharat Desai on October 16, 2009
You are absolutely right. Hei unique & so are his comments. Thanks.
isaac moses on October 16, 2009
we begin to appreciate such moments in hindsight, when we observe & absorb
the detail overlooked at a first impression. Each word being punctuated,
each word is emphasised - it is an expressive form of communication we use
involuntarily. simply inspired to make such a comment for mutual viewing &
listening pleasure. In shared admiration.
isaac moses on October 16, 2009
full many a flower is born to blush unseen to waste it's sweetness in the
desert air a quotation taken from english poetry aptly describes this film
song, The charm & innocence of those golden days is portrayed with
sincerity for the way the central character enacts this song of love, her
body language & expressions so purely defined, interpreting a playback
singers voice so precisely. The artistry we observe, is attributed film
makers for all songs we listen & love to this day Bharat
Bharat Desai on October 16, 2009
Very aptly said. But I feel the Sweetness Of This Flower Is Not Wasted As
This Song Was Played Initially At Brahma Kumaris To Celebrate Arrival Of
SHIV, Supreme Soul.
nisha Patel on January 01, 2010
very beautiful classic old song tx for sharing rjnisha
rk10101 on January 22, 2010
Do not flaunt your false information without proper knowledge! Geeta Bali
married Shammi Kapoor.
satishchopra1 on July 30, 2010
A classic heart throbbing melody !
Geeta Dutt was cerainly a singer with a difference.
Bharat Desai on July 30, 2010
Absolutely right. Thanks.
satishchopra1 on July 31, 2010
Mr Bharat Desai's confirmation to my opinion convays a candid truth about the singing of Golden Era of Indian Cinema.
Bharat Desai on August 01, 2010
Truth does not need any proof or support whether from me or any body !!!
Golden Era was such a truth. Thanks.
devendra bhardwaj on September 22, 2010
this is an envigourating song by the immortal geeta dutt!
Bharat Desai on September 22, 2010
You are absolutely right. Thanks.
Riaz Ali on February 05, 2011
I had this song in my collection in audio form during 1975 but not in this
shape. Wah video and echo sound. A matchless song of Geetaji. Thanks a lot.
Bharat Desai on February 05, 2011
Great. Thanks for nice response & recollection. Wishes.
Bharat Desai on May 08, 2011
Yes, it is Awesome.
nisha Patel on October 13, 2011
very beautiful yester yrs classic song..and the vedio is very clear..
thanks for sharing rjnisha [london]
Bharat Desai on October 13, 2011
Yes, It Is A Great Classic. Thanks, Nisha ji.
ripmjhuma on November 07, 2011
wow, i didn't know i'll like such an old song in 2011!! :):) ye kon aya ~
reverseswing on November 16, 2011
Bharat ji this song belongs to the era when melody was queen."BAZI" was SD
Burman Sahib's one of the most popular films and all its songs became hits.
Bharat Desai on November 16, 2011
You are absolutely right. Thanks for nice input. Good Wishes.
Bharat Desai on January 13, 2012
@asha1053 Yes, It is timeless Classic.
orientlover1 on April 02, 2012
Who is the actor entering at 0:47 in uniform then sits at sofa 1:37 till end smoking. What's his name?
doc rita on April 03, 2012
The actor is Krishan Dhawan, He was part of many earlier Navketan movies
orientlover1 on April 04, 2012
Who has come;
Spring has blossomed in the realm of my heart;
Suddenly I found someone's hand in my hand;
I nor my heart knows is it one of my own or a stranger;
Who has come, I blushed listening to my own heartbeat;
Passions of youth hum like a newly wed bride;
Who has settled in the eyes that eyes smile;
Danced on whose arms, my tresses fluttered;
Who has come;
Spring has blossomed in the realm of my heart;
Who has come.
A lovely song by Sahir Ludhianvi
(posted from Lahore)
orientlover1 on April 04, 2012
It was very common during the 1950's and part of 1960's for any male actor to light a cigarette before a song or at the start of a dialogue. You can see several such scene in this movie also.This was a major cause that almost all renowned actors were chain smokers.
orientlover1 on April 04, 2012
It is possible that he was brother of Prem Dhawan, a famous song writer and also sometimes dance director.
doc rita on April 08, 2012
I have absolutely no idea, though I am fond of many of Prem Dhawan's songs
Bharat Desai on May 15, 2013
Absolutely... Thanks & Good Wishes.
Bharat Desai on May 16, 2013
Yes, Aur Ab Baba Ke Sath Ghar Jana Hai... Om Shanti, Divine Sister.
Kapoor Satish on August 19, 2013
this is where dev met mona n later married her durong taxi driver
incedentally after this mona never worked with any other hero but Dev
Jayaram C Shekar on October 02, 2013
Look at the ease with which Geeta Dutt sung this song composed by Sachinda
Burman. Wonder if the song was written by Sahir saab?
Bharat Desai on October 03, 2013
It is an all time Classic. No idea about Lyricist. Thanks & Good Wishes.
Jagjit Singh Ishar on November 23, 2013
An all time hit & classic, one of my favorits. Divine melodious voice of
Geeta ji & the divine composition of S D Burman.
pankajkabeer on January 15, 2014
wonderful song of geetaji
Srinivasan Channiga on February 20, 2014
Very Good audio.
Bamr Mann on May 31, 2014
kalpana(mona) got married to Dev Anand ;during shooting of this film .may
be she is saying "koun aya mera dil mei"-about their love story and
marriage ?
[read on Kalpana kartik-WIKIPEDIA]]
Jayesh Sanghani on July 11, 2014
A gem from the treasure of the bygone era of classic songs.
Gautam Shastri on September 15, 2014
Beautiful voice of Geeta Dutt
Shobha Nivas on November 29, 2014
nandu1f on September 21, 2015
Wow. Such a lilt in this song that it lifts your mood. And something with
Kalpana Kartik style makes it so special even after listening to it dozens
of times. Perfect SDBurman - Geeta Dutt melody combination. Thanks Bharat
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