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Comments on song "Kiya Yeh Kya Tune Isharaa"
tmjatala on September 26, 2009
A typical Geeta dutt + O P Nayyer style club song.This song will be liked
by those who like this kind of songs.
Parag Sankla on September 26, 2009
Fans of Geeta ji had been searching for this sweet song for a very long
time. Many thanks for sharing this melody filmed on Helen
Parag Sankla on September 26, 2009
Sorry sir, this is not a club song in my opinion. Based on this clip, Johny
Walker is trying to set up the other guy (?) with the help from Helen.
Helen is trying to seduce the guy and its a very enchanting sweet song.
V. Siddhartha on September 26, 2009
There is so much intoxication in GD's voice that I wonder why the patrons
in the scene need the bottle at all ! Trademark OPN composition and
vivacious GD song. Thanks, Rajeev.
Parag Sankla on September 26, 2009
All these years we were searching for just the audio of this song, and now
we are actually able to see the video. This is great moment, once again
many thanks for this rarest of the rare melody by OPN sahab and Geeta ji.
Rmehtacpa on September 26, 2009
FANTSATIC - AMITAJAI, Simply fanstastic, what a gif from you to all these
fans here. I am listeing to this song after some 50 years or so. Had heard
a few times in my age of less than even teens. O.P. had always been
one of my most favourite music director.
Parag Sankla on September 27, 2009
Rajeev ji we have included this video in our latest blog titled Helen and
Geeta Dutt : A scintillating combo. Thanks for sharing.
Parag Sankla on September 28, 2009
Rajeev ji Please read my latest blog about this lovely song you shared
recently. Many thanks once again. Best Regards Parag
Gajendra Khanna on September 29, 2009
I always wondered how the picturisation of this gem of a song would be.
Thanks a lot for posting it. May god bless you.
Parag Sankla on October 02, 2009
Visiting this page again and again to watch this memorable song. Rajeev ji,
million thanks once again.
Coucoutchicou on March 09, 2011
The unending magic of Geeta and OP Nayyar - with Helen to add spice and
Johnny Walker for the fun...! Fantastic!
Jagjit Singh Ishar on December 20, 2014
The song is still so soothing enticing elegant & mellifluous that it
pierces directly in to the heart even after 60 years. hats off to Geeta
Dutt & O P Nayyar.
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