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screen shot of song - Khayalon Mein Kisi Ke Is Tarah Aaya Nahi Karte
4.46 - 352 votes
Raj Kapoor, Vijayalaxmi
Romantic Songs
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Average Rating : 4.46
Total Vote(s) : 352
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Lyrics of Khayalon Mein Kisi Ke Is Tarah Aaya Nahi Karte - ख्यालों में किसी के, इस तरह आया नहीं करते

gitaa: khayaalo me kisi ke, is tarah aayaa nahi karate
kisi ko bevafaa aa aa ke tadapaayaa nahi karate

mukesh: dilo ko raud kar dil apanaa bahalaayaa nahi karate
jo thukaraae gae ho unako thukaraayaa nahi karate

gitaa: hansi phulo ki do din chaandani bhi chaar din ki hai
chaandani chaar din ki hai
mili ho chaand si surat to itaraayaa nahi karate
kisi ko

gitaa: jinhe mitanaa ho vo mitane se dar jaayaa nahi karate
vo dar jaayaa nahi karate
muhabbat karane vaale gam se ghabaraayaa nahi karate
kisi ko

mukesh: muhabbat kaa sabak sikho, ye jaakar jalanevaalo se
ye jaakar jalanevaalo se
ke dil ki baat bhi lab tak kabhi laayaa nahi karate
jo thukaraaye

lyrics of song Khayalon Mein Kisi Ke Is Tarah Aaya Nahi Karte

Comments for lyrics of song "Khayalon Mein Kisi Ke Is Tarah Aaya Nahi Karte"
Shruti Shankar Srivastava on Thursday, January 22, 2015
ख़यालों में किसी के इस तरह आया नहीं करते
किसी को बेवफ़ा के तड़पाया नहीं करते

दिलों को रौंदकर दिल अपना बहलाया नहीं करते
जो ठुकराये गये हो उन को, ठुकराया नहीं करते

हसीं फूलों की दो दिन चाँदनी भी चार दिन की हैं
मिली हो चाँद सी सूरत तो इतराया नहीं करते

जिन्हे मिटना हो वो मिटने से ड़र जाया नहीं करते
मोहब्बत करनेवाले ग़म से घबराया नहीं करते

मोहब्बत का सबक सिखो, ये जा कर जलनेवालों से
के दिल की बात भी लब तक कभी लाया नहीं करते

giitaa: Kayaalo.n me.n kisii ke, is tarah aayaa nahii.n karate kisii ko
bevafaa aa aa ke ta.Dapaayaa nahii.n karate mukesh: dilo.n ko rau.nd kar
dil apanaa bahalaayaa nahii.n karate jo Thukaraae gae ho.n unako
Thukaraayaa nahii.n karate giitaa: ha.Nsii phuulo.n kii do din chaa.Ndanii
bhii chaar din kii hai chaa.Ndanii chaar din kii hai milii ho chaa.Nd sii
suurat to itaraayaa nahii.n karate kisii ko ... giitaa: jinhe.n miTanaa ho
vo miTane se Dar jaayaa nahii.n karate vo Dar jaayaa nahii.n karate
muhabbat karane vaale Gam se ghabaraayaa nahii.n karate kisii ko ...
mukesh: muhabbat kaa sabak siikho, ye jaakar jalanevaalo.n se ye jaakar
jalanevaalo.n se ke dil kii baat bhii lab tak kabhii laayaa nahii.n karate
jo Thukaraaye ...

nandu1f on Saturday, October 23, 2010
@amitabh1975 I, a lover of old Hindi songs from late 1950's came to U.S. as
student in early late 1960's, and over time discovered the melodies of even
earlier songs such as this one, immortalized by Geeta,Mukesh,Roshan. During
my visits to India in 1970's, my young nephews and nieces use to laugh at
my choices. In 1980's all of them had become fans of the 1950's melodies.
So it goes. Congrats for you appreciation of the oldies for heir
unforgettable melody.

ramaraksha01 on Monday, July 22, 2013
She is not really a great singer, just an unusual voice, that's all. Movie
songs are not that hard to sing, don't mistake these singers for real
singers. Shamshad begum had a booming voice that's all. Asha was a good
singer, but Lata was far better. Maybe u don't appreciate good singing,
just go for the voice

aceji on Sunday, May 29, 2011
@thenaughtygemini she sings: you don't wonder into someone's thoughts like
this, nor do you constantly "harass-torture" me like this. He replies: you
don't entertain your own heart by crushing someone else's, nor do you kick
some who is already down. Roughly speaking that is the beginning lines.

Abdullazziz Ansari on Monday, August 26, 2013
What a sweet voice of Geeta dutt, with matchless Mukesh. It’s a tribute to
the legendary music director Roshanlal It was his first song The song, the
melody,the rhythm and composition, all seems to be coming directly from
heavens, Thanks Mastkalandar, for up loading this masterpiece.

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Film cast: Raj Kapoor, Geeta Bali, Vijay Laxmi, Manju, Cuckoo, Jaswant, Sharda, Nazira, Himmat Rai, Pasi Patel, Prakash, Shiraz Moti, Darpan, Kanta
Singer: Asha Bhosle, Geeta Dutt, Mohammed Rafi, Mukesh, Rajkumari, Shamshad Begum
Lyricist: Kidar Sharma
Music Director: Roshan
Film Director: Kidar Sharma
Film Producer: Kidar Sharma
External Links: Bawre Nain at IMDB    Bawre Nain at Wikipedia
Watch Full Movie: Bawre Nain at YouTube    Bawre Nain at YouTube    

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