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Lyrics of Har Aas Ashq Baar Hai Har Sans Bekarar Hai - हर आस अश्क बार है हर साँस बेक़रार है
har aas ashk bar hai har sans bekarar hai
har aas ashk bar hai har sans bekarar hai
tere bagair jindagi ujadi hui bahar hai
tere begair jindagi

mai janti hu bewafa mai janti hu
mai janti hu bewafa tu laut kar na aayega
fir bhi mai jane kyu mujhe tera intzar hai
tere begair jindagi ujadi hui bahar hai
tere bagair jindagi

kisko sunau mai gila kisko sunau
kisko sunau mai gila hai bebasi ki imtiha
na tujhse ikhtiyar na dil pe ikhtiyar hai
har aas ashk bar hai har sans bekarar hai
har aas ashk bar hai har sans bekarar hai
tere bagair jindagi ujadi hui bahar hai
tere begair jindagi
lyrics of song Har Aas Ashq Baar Hai Har Sans Bekarar Hai
Comments on song "Har Aas Ashq Baar Hai Har Sans Bekarar Hai"
rumahale on Thursday, August 02, 2012
This clip is a joy forever and one should be proud of to possess. As the
learned viewers expressed everything is special here - be it lyrics by Nyay
Sharma (who is also Producer of the movie) or music by Jaidev or singing by
Lata Mangeshkar or performance by my favourite Meena Kumari (I will not
call it as acting, for she is a natural star). I came across this
song/video only after introduction to YT, and, developed instant love.
Thank you for the excellent video presentation.
nandu1f on Sunday, August 12, 2012
Thanks to Suhanee's addition of wonderful subtitles, since my first visit
to this tender melody help my understanding of the song. Now I know what
word "ikhtiyaar" means in ("na tuzse' ikhtiyaar hein, na dilse' ikhtiyaar
hein").. "Neither have I authority over you nor control over my heart".
Superb! Lata's voice modulation in low notes for "Tere' bagair zindagi,
ujadi huyi bahaar hein" and her high notes in "Mein janati huun O bewafaa,
tu lautkar na aayega" are so emotional filled.
Subhash Kothari on Monday, March 16, 2015
Further to my earlier comments, I would like to add that this song reminds
me about another beautiful song of Lataji from film Daag ( 1952), though
both these songs are on different tunes, some how the lyrical wordings
reminds for song "Preet ye kaisi bol".an immortal song from lataji,
Shailendraji and Shanker Jaikishanji. I still like both these songs.
nandu1f on Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Most touching song and lyrics. One of top 5 from Jaidev's supers. Bombay
suburban beaches have provided so many magical backgrounds for magical
Hindi melodies. Those beach bungalows provide such serenity. A short
weekend vacation always provided a wonderful respite there, and so close to
home, yet a world apart. Madh, Marve, Gorai and such peaceful places.
V. Siddhartha on Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Everything about this ghazal is extra precious: The poetry; the sweet
composition by( I think) Jaidev with its dreamy, soft, clarinet-like
prelude and finale ; the way Lataji sings it; and the way MK enacts the
melody on-screen with her expressions. They evoke heart-felt sympathy for
her character. Wonderful to see this clip restored, Suhanee.