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Song from the movie Gangs Of Wasseypur
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Ik Bagal Me Chand Hoga, Ik Bagal Me Rotiya Piyush Mishra Piyush Mishra Piyush Mishra Gangs Of Wasseypur (2012) Sad Songs
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sinha sima on Saturday, June 09, 2012
simply love you..

Siddharth Tiwari on Monday, June 11, 2012
Nice one strange not many people appreciate intellectual songs.

SADDHA G. on Saturday, June 23, 2012
Beautiful singing and song.

Abhisek Naidu on Sunday, July 01, 2012
Piyush mishra ... Great lyrics...hats off sir ...its sounds very orginal
and situational...

maharishi13 on Sunday, July 01, 2012
just because u like one person..no need to pull down other.. dard-e-disco
was a requirement for a situation in that film om shanti om. Watch the
movie again and decide for yourself..before pointing fingers at others.

uzma ilyas on Monday, July 02, 2012
amazing lyrics, amazing voice n beautiful music.

STEWIE BRIAN on Monday, July 09, 2012
firstly, from what i remember, dard-e-disco was a dream sequence for a
disabled guy in the movie.. i don't know how that is situational, i mean
c'mon man, that song existed to show SRK's body. secondly, u need to
cool down, i mean no offense... it's just been too long since I heard an
actually good Hindi song. thirdly, r u kidding me, i'm NOT going to
watch Om Shanti Om again, once is quite enough!! XD

shrinjoy on Thursday, July 12, 2012
Piyush Mishra is Poet, Javed Akhtar is Bollycrap lyricist. Difference

subhash1529 on Friday, July 20, 2012
The great lyrics by the great artist.piyush has gave light on the
pain of almost half of our countrymen who are underprivileged after the 65
years of independence.salute to piyush mishra.

ayjazlone on Friday, July 27, 2012
Read "came to know some of these songs he wrote in his struggle days/ theatre days."

maharishi13 on Wednesday, August 08, 2012
promotion and movie is different. IF you did NOT see a movie and you are
commenting just for the sake of it. That's bad. I repeat the situation
demanded such song. Just like oh la la from the dirty picture was a
situational song (song being picturised during a film).. Same case in OSO.
It was a song being filmed on Om Kapoor in a movie he is acting in (In the
movie Om shanti om). I do not want to argue with a person who doesn't even
know the context of the song.

maharishi13 on Wednesday, August 08, 2012
Have you heard of silsila, 1942 a love story, border, refugee? I guess you
must be kiddo. one of those teens who do not know abt other pyricists

RD on Wednesday, August 08, 2012
Dude you didn't get my point. What I meant was that good music should stand
on its own. It shouldn't need a situation/video/film to make it good. Music
may enhance a scene (if used properly, in background imho), BUT a film cant
enhance music. Music is Music.

maharishi13 on Sunday, August 12, 2012
Yes, I have heard of Gulaal. Its great. But how does that make Javed Akhtar

maharishi13 on Sunday, August 12, 2012
Yes dude. But I was talking about the relevance of lyrics of that song. You
cannot look at lyrics independently. Because they are as per the situation
in the movie..that was my point. And of course its not the song which one
would like to listen to *independently*. It was a Parody song. I will say
this again, if you see that movie, you will know the context.

maharishi13 on Sunday, August 12, 2012
and what about Piyush Mishra's Telephone dhun me hasne wali, Melbourne
machhli machalnewali? Madonna hai ya nakasha?? maaya machhindra mujh pe
mantar mat karana ??

RD on Monday, August 13, 2012
A parody is not a license to be crap. And the kind of airplay this song got
was anything but a "joke". We obviously don't agree on what good music is,
anyway art is subjective. I just have strong views on music.

maharishi13 on Monday, August 13, 2012
Lets not drag other things here. Airplay is not decided by lyricist of the
song. Thats related to promotion of the movie. It is decided by producers
and other agencies. Its unfair to judge the song because of airplay.
Secondly, I never said its some poetry. I don't consider it as great music.
I said it was required for that kind of film. Its not a private album song.
Ideally, songs in Indian movies are supposed to describe the
scene/situation in the movie. and thats what it does.

nishacute1982 on Saturday, August 25, 2012
i admire piyush mishra talent so do you. but lets not look down upon other talent as well. javed akhtar is a great talent too. if you ask that who is javed akhtar, then it does not bring down his name but shows your ignorance my dear friend. :)

kingnothing on Thursday, August 30, 2012
Piyush Mishra is the best lyricist in bollywood right now and light years
ahead of others.Listen to all the songs of gulaal(esp oo ri duniya) and
you'll know what i'm talking about. \\_______0// Mishrajee ko mera dandvat
pranaam !!

0to9a2z on Friday, August 31, 2012
Telephone dhun lyrics were written by one Late P.K. Mishra, who bears no direct relation to Piyush Mishra, both are different persons

subhash1529 on Wednesday, October 10, 2012
totally agree with u.mishra ji mera bhi pranam swikar karo.

Govind Verma on Sunday, October 14, 2012
yaad rakh par koi anhoni tu(taqdeer) kabhi na layegi layegi to fir kahani
(life) aur kuch ho jayegi (bhay se uttpann krodh) honi or anhoni ki parvah
kise hai meri jaan (krodh ki urja se uttpann hua sahas) hadd se jyada ye hi
hoga ki yahi marr jayenge (darr ke aage jeet hai) hum maut ko sapna bata
kar khud khade honge yahi ( geeta ka gyan ...jeewan or maut ek swapn
hai..aatma amar hai) or maut ko thhenga dikha kar khilkhilate jayenge .
or maut ko thhenga dikha kar khilkhilate jayenge

Govind Verma on Sunday, October 14, 2012
this comment is in 3 parts... this is 1st others r below this ye ek yuva
sadhak (young monk)ki kahani hai... ek bagal mein chand (aatam gyan ka
lakhchya) hoga,,,ek bagal me rotiya (bhautik sukh) ek bagal me neend
(mansik shanti)hogi...ek bagal me loriya (dhyan sadhna) hum chand pe roti
ki chader dal ke so jayenge(aatam gyan ke lakhchya ko bhool ,bhautik sukho
mein kho jayenge) or neend se kah denge lori sunane kal aayenge(dhyan
sadhna baad me kar lenge ..abhi to yauvan ka sukh lete hai)

throwinpunches on Friday, January 18, 2013
good interpretation... never thought of it that way :)

theshivagiri on Friday, January 18, 2013
@gomlubanna..is this the real intrepetation or ur version

Imtiaz Khan on Sunday, February 17, 2013
javed akthar is the king

Govind Verma on Sunday, June 09, 2013
no its not real ..

Neeraj Shah on Sunday, September 08, 2013
This is a song for the classes not masses. !!! 9 dislikes r from ppl
looking for kabhi khushi kabhi ghum.

Durwankur Salvi on Sunday, July 12, 2015
Sneha done a beautiful art ... so deep lyrics takes me to that age ..

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