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Comments on song "Vo Ladaki Hai Kahaan, Jise Dhundhataa Hun Main Har Kahin"
chandini on January 16, 2006
this is hilarious.
naamhaitera on March 15, 2006
this is my favorite song from this movie. I always enjoy this song. thanks
flopka on June 24, 2006
This is so cute and funny. I crack up whenever I see that part on the cliff.
Daryanani on July 29, 2006
I love this song, the choreographer has been really creative. I personally
think Sonali Kulkarni look just like Madhubala in the first part of the
sujeet787 on July 30, 2006
haha i thot the same thing.. btw the choreographer is farah khan
sujeet787 on July 30, 2006
she also resembles madhuri in the 80s sequence
Daryanani on August 01, 2006
Didn't know, thanx for the info!
Faryal12 on August 05, 2006
DOOOOODE this song rawks! i love it so much! thank you thank you thank you
for posting it!
Faryal12 on August 07, 2006
hahaha funny dancing at the cliff! flap your wings!
ronharry1115 on November 12, 2006
saif is full of comedy in this song...he's brilliant!
whatevergirl1 on November 15, 2006
I love this film..Saif is too cute & i love the song, lol.
whatevergirl1 on November 17, 2006
LOL. The first time i saw it I laughed because it was so random.
laxmibhsl on November 17, 2006
this is my fav song so far...its jus sooo beautiful!!
beadsofsilver on December 06, 2006
OMG. It's so cute. I love how it makes fun of the hindi movies i n the 60s. Lol. <333
doverbeach714 on January 16, 2007
lmao i love the ending.
BetterDayz02 on January 22, 2007
hahha the part where he sniffs the popcorn is so funny
tanishatanisha on January 30, 2007
hahaha this is my fave bollywood music video ever. cracks me up everytime i
watch it. la la la la la la lal al al ala la la (humming the tune to myself)
Dancing Devi on February 16, 2007
Lol the part where he is wearing the sweater, there is an SRK with Sridevi
song like that, and they do the exact same thing. This video is awesome, I
love the 60s part.
laxmibhsl on March 12, 2007
luv luv luv this video and song! :)
dasamasa on March 14, 2007
not a fan of bollywood films but this film deserves credit...this video is great..creative
PwinsheshTia on March 22, 2007
dis songz sho nysh.lyk tha scenez..wikkiidd...xx
Dancing Devi on April 09, 2007
The actress is Sonali Kulkarni, the actor is Saif Ali Khan.
d3wani on April 15, 2007
OMG ! i know.. i was thinkin that to myself too, wen i saw her :D awesome !
fahmida4moushumi on April 26, 2007
lol dis song iz jokezzz
woopydedoodaa on April 26, 2007
lol... i love this song.. always makes me smile :)
hartahh on June 15, 2007
thanku for posting specially for subtitles
Susan Rahyab on June 28, 2007
lol, he sniffs the popcorn. i luv this moviE!!
monara880605 on July 17, 2007
lovin this sogg!!!.. does anione noe who are the singers of this song!!??
rishani7 on September 03, 2007
ya,very nice song!!!
katratziflower on September 07, 2007
This was my favorite song in the movie. Loved the tap dancing, and especially the part where the movie audience starts dancing and singing. Plus Saif is so easy on the eyes.
kk7872 on September 29, 2007
I know, right? The meaning is sweet & my favorite visually b/c of its
clever, atypical concept that I feel doesn't get enough credit from the
general bollywood audience. For those desis who are classic film experts,
could someone go through the sequences & list in order which
movies/actors/songs they are parodying? I'm pretty sure each segment is a
particular movie, my mom could probably tell me but she's not here now.
Please? Oh, and yes Saif is gorgeous = )
kk7872 on September 29, 2007
Yes it's so cute, isn't it??
justanotherfrog on October 20, 2007
I'm pretty sure that the second sequence is parodying a typical mid to late
60s movies, and the last one a typical 90s movie. (i've heard it's really
similar to a scene in an SRK movie, but I'm not sure which one) And yes,
Saif is really cute :)
Dancing Devi on November 06, 2007
1st scene - can't remember and its driving me crazy. 2nd scene - That one I
have on one of those old songs DVDs, I forget the name though. 3rd scene -
There is an SRK video exactly like this, can't remember the actress but it
could have been Kajol. I laughed so much when I saw this because I knew
exactly where it was from. I wasn't really much help, but you're right they
are from other videos.
underoathisgodd on November 10, 2007
good movie, lol dont watch much hindi movies but really liked this one,
great story, characters and songs.
sukhatheertha on November 13, 2007
shaan and kavitha krishnamurty
kool266 on December 08, 2007
its so cute when he sniffs the popcorn
bennylava1 on January 02, 2008
It's from Chandni
Humna Ali on January 11, 2008
man . i LOVE this song && this movie SO much ps. Aamir's a real hottie :D i
love the 3rd scene, they copy Madhuri & Anil Kapoor . SO funny !
dolphinluver96 on January 13, 2008
love diz song!!
SRK01FaN on February 16, 2008
3:09 - 4:15 is from Mohabattein lol
cruizer83 on March 01, 2008
are you sure?!?!

no you are not!

it's deewana mujhsa nahin starring aamir khan and madhuri dixit... she's imitating madhuri dixit and he's imitating aamir khan...

check out the title track of the movie deewana mujhsa nahin (1990).

hope this helps! :)
SRK01FaN on March 01, 2008
yeah i'm pretty sure form the video Humko Humi Se Churalo it has the smokes
and everything even the clothes are similar not to mention he wore the
sweater around his neck like shahrukh did
cruizer83 on March 01, 2008
compare the female hairstyles... you will get the answer. :)
totalpker33 on April 15, 2008
yah that definately looks like a madhuri hairstyle, not aish
candyapple404 on June 09, 2008
this is so cute and funny in a sweet way!
bonnieandcl on June 14, 2008
the last part wen the audience start doin' the hand thingy is so
bollywood... its nice!! =)
Raja Singh on June 25, 2008
I could cus Indian movies sooo much! it would make me cry!
shwetanksunil1 on August 15, 2008
Where are you"???? woh Ladkhi hain soon plzzz heeee.funny me.Hi PEOPLE>>>How are ya all?
7up4eva on August 21, 2008
hahah the last part about srk and madhuri was the the flying dance step..
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