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Comments on song "Parvaana Shama Jalaayein"
Bengalihunk on January 23, 2012
@rfication2 Do u even know milf means?
rfication rakesh on January 24, 2012
@Bengalihunk yeah i know its like a older woman past her prime but still
hot ...i could tell u the full form but i think u already know.
007jay14 on January 25, 2012
dude she is still in her prime!
007jay14 on January 25, 2012
@rfication2 dude shez still in her prime!
fs2themax on January 25, 2012
@rfication2 If she doesn't have any kids she can't be a milf.
Bengalihunk on January 25, 2012
@rfication2 Lol yeh bips in her prime hardly call her old but she ain't a
milf lol she has to be a mother to be a milf
Swaneesh Chohan on January 25, 2012
@bengalihunk my bad. Was on my phone while replying so I got the names
mixed up lol
akilleez84 on January 26, 2012
bips finally lookin good. better than that phoney veena maliks song channo
Gautam35100 on January 31, 2012
I love Bipasha.
Munib Ahmad on February 02, 2012
rab ne jaldi mein tarasha .isliye tu hai kaala patassah ,bepasha
,bepasha :-)
Tanusha Lall on February 04, 2012
she is not that uglyyyyyyyyyyyyy
widokiller007 on February 05, 2012
wht a hot looking uff hot__ piece bara fit hai ...:P
Selena Jetlee on February 06, 2012
@rfication2 NO MILF = MOTHER I would LOVE to F ... Bipasha is not a mother
and thus you are wrong.
behrozjan123 on February 07, 2012
@chitrall hahaha
ssmtjena1 on February 09, 2012
she looks really good here and she always a great dance.
Aayush Ojha on February 09, 2012
john would feel to be helpless, restless,, aftr watching this,,,,,
bip-aaa-sha bipasha,,,,
Zafiirah Zaf on February 09, 2012
lol pyaar ki basha.
sushma jarryd hayne on February 12, 2012
@aayushojha01 totally agreee go gal u rocks
Eva Angeline on February 14, 2012
why is the song so fAMILIAR ????
FaithonHigh on February 15, 2012
missnevgi on February 16, 2012
@rfication2 milf can also be a 20 year old girl
Munib Ahmad on February 17, 2012
@rfication2 tum kia english kourse pe shuru hogae ho chup kerke song suno
10oanyra on February 19, 2012
i feel sad fr those 8 ppl who have disliked this vdo cz they r blind n deaf
Akbar Bahrami on February 19, 2012
she is hot and spicy ;)
cyn c on February 19, 2012
is it me or does her dancing need more work? she is always stiff in her
dancing, i feel like most girls can dance better and have smoother
movement...i do love the song though and bips in general not a hater
antibrains55 on February 20, 2012
@amrueva21 because its stolen.. beyonce beyonce shakira shakira ..
now u got it?
Singh Sandeep on February 20, 2012
Love her bobs, I like they way she move her bob.
Singh Sandeep on February 20, 2012
Bips I want to come but right know I am bit busy. Sorry
10oanyra on February 20, 2012
y dsnt she chnges her costume :/
Soukaina Samyh on February 20, 2012
i don't understund a word :d:d but i keep singing and dancing on this song
bollywood 's music is the best <3
Glen Coco on February 22, 2012
now every other bollywood actress will have her own song .. but this song
is nice
hanshika tinjan on February 22, 2012
I like the lyrics!
HumaSatti2010 on February 22, 2012
@amrueva21 coz it is copy of shakera n beyonce song beautiful liers
HumaSatti2010 on February 22, 2012
nyc song buh it is copy of shakera n beyonce song "" beautiful liars""
Priti Patel on February 23, 2012
@amrueva21 OMG! It is! It kind of reminds me of an Indian song and an
American one!! lol
Priti Patel on February 23, 2012
Hey! It sounds like Beautiful Liar by Shakira & Beyonce!!
Priti Patel on February 23, 2012
@amrueva21 hey! I just figured it out. It sounds like Beautiful Liar by
Shakira and Beyonce.
Md Nashir on February 24, 2012
So Hot i like this Song Iain Nice
Parv KJ on February 24, 2012
Couldn't they make a completely original song..why copy from shakira and
Adrin on February 25, 2012
I was so looking for this song like a month
battlespec on February 26, 2012
hardly any dance in this song..
nayab rind on February 27, 2012
@ladyfishermen10 omg ur soooo right hahaah
Vaijayanti Sharma on February 28, 2012
copied from beautiful liar
nik24ish on February 29, 2012
nik24ish on February 29, 2012
tweeety sandhu on March 01, 2012
omg. the music like a flute is from a punjabi song that was famous back in
WaseemWarrioR. ShiekH on March 02, 2012
nice one ,,,,,,,,,be pasha rocking,,,,,,,,,,an dshowing all,,,,if this
right then hit up thumb
Sanam Asam on March 02, 2012
bi pa sha bipashaaa wo!!she's looking so smart gv ur secrat how u lose ur
astarisborn12 on March 03, 2012
What does this song mean in English? Please upload translations
sarfaraz latif on March 03, 2012
bips is most likable in this song till date for me...
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