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Comments on song "Mausam Bada Suhaana Hai"
adverd on July 17, 2009
film was good but director had put lot of nudity which was not required. it was release in 1984 & at that time i saw this film on VCR & it was diffcult to see entire film with the family.
mazizfan on July 26, 2009
What else one would expect with steamy Munun Sen in a film? Of course not fit for faily viewing. (As an aside she is one of my favorite female presence ;)
cyrus variawa on August 16, 2009
which movie ?
Claudio Bonilla on August 20, 2009
indian people look like south american people!
Ajay Jain on August 29, 2009
moonmoon sen was very beautiful. both her daughters rima and ria are not as
beautiful as she was.
doniv70 on September 07, 2009
andarbahar is name of film.had seen in 85 bcos of moon moon and anilkapoor(my fave actor at dat time). she had lot of revealing scenes in this film.. nice figure at dat time
saddy941 on October 16, 2009
Nice Video its very sensual and no vulgar scene comparing of todays scene
TheTattikarlo on October 17, 2009
yahoo .i just mastubrated to this song... wud anybody like to lickoffcum
Ravindranath Vasireddy on October 25, 2009
Ravindranath Vasireddy on October 25, 2009
ceeveemee on February 06, 2010
did somone breathe on the lens er whatt
mansoorhafeez on February 16, 2010
look at 2:02 his
suddhasheel on February 16, 2010
I am sure you must have had you mother and sister in your mind while you made that comment. Did you study in the middle east by any chance?
nitinarvind on February 18, 2010
haha.. i have a mom and sis and both of em are not the ones in that video. so take a chill pill and be a sport. and why the interest in where i studied?
suddhasheel on February 18, 2010
Because, people like you, who are best described by the name the aperture on your behind, try to control the morals of the society, although the values of the philosophy are next to zilch.
nitinarvind on February 18, 2010
haha.. you are hilarious man. you need to talk about moral values when you are paying your bribes, when some one is getting beaten up on the road side. where is your morality? when the cops are misusing the system. when false journalism and ignorant political activism. where is your morality then. for all these things you have a lot of morality.when you vote or don't vote. where is those moral values then. you attach the tag of moral discomfort to support your prejudice. not because its needed.
nitinarvind on February 18, 2010
shame on you to make a big deal out of nothing.
TOOLOW4ZERO on April 25, 2010
@paddisha lollllllllllllllllz.hans hans ke mere pet mein dukhney laga hai bhai.kyun itti galiyan de rahe ho?
Mack Fischer on May 16, 2010
Graduated from highschool during this movie, ANIL kAPOOR WAS INTODUCED TO
blingstababe on May 24, 2010
@ceeveemee LOL I think it's meant to look dreamy and gloomy!
hasanqaiser2009 on June 07, 2010
Husne Alam on July 22, 2010
hahaa that has got to be no one but Moon Moon Sen! Jackie was quite alright
in his youth! :P
pleycop on September 18, 2010
@iota1962 80s
Za Qa on September 21, 2010
O_o he's got a stiffy hahahaha
rahuls1s on September 26, 2010
apsaanaa means what??? anyone
savi797 on October 29, 2010
@ShameRooVideos Realy I will apreciate your courrage & bold statement
Shaheryar Ahmed on November 03, 2010
@rahuls1s Dear its not apsaanaa...its afsana...means story.the lines
are..Mausam bada suhana hai,,,,iska ek afsana hai...meaning...the
weather is beautiful,,,,it has a story in it..
seasonedsevencolors on December 07, 2010
@annie19645 Makes it even more spicy... and doing it in front of her
husband would have been super spicy for us?
jaatonline on December 22, 2010
in 1:27 What happened with Jackey Sharof
nikitabd on January 23, 2011
@rahuls1s i think it means story
nikitabd on January 23, 2011
@rahuls1s it means story, i think
klou frst on January 29, 2011
@rahuls1s It is afasaana -- story.. loosely translated season is telling a
story -- or telling us something
Mỹ Nhiên Lê on February 11, 2011
sac. con mẹ nó
Mỹ Nhiên Lê on February 11, 2011
sac. con me no!
umbalaba on February 24, 2011
Looks like the 80'ties in India were not half bad :-)
bauhaustoronto on February 25, 2011
@rahuls1s Afsaana means a story or a tale.
shalaka143 on March 13, 2011
why does this vid have so many views?
Sandy Kumar on April 12, 2011
People who likes the above vids will also like this vids
watch?v=YWHQJ7uj_bQ ApniDukaanSe com
karmicbabe on April 28, 2011
@rahuls1s Its afsana which means tale.
LadenDaPuttar on May 01, 2011
both were dressed i couldn't see anything 'Andar Baahar'.
Raja Amar on May 14, 2011
Afsana may refer to: A style of short story
antiquityful on May 27, 2011
ah-ha.those innocent days of 80s
doppel ganger on May 29, 2011
1:50 to 2:05
rmeshc on July 23, 2011
saw this film first day first show in priya cinema,calcutta in sept 1984 as
a college student.somehow the actors of the 80s n 90 s are very inferior to
those today and those of the 50s to the mid 70s.
Edahí Gonzalez Avalos on November 30, 2011
rapid access to "What I really want to see" here: 1:54
MegaVeenarani on December 21, 2011
such a great n lovely sweet song.shailendra and asha bhonsle ji
anz195 on January 02, 2012
rockingdevil94 on July 21, 2012
13 million views???? MKC
ANU VIKSHAT on August 01, 2012
Moon Moon sen is a very sweet lady with sweet heart also.In 1986 we signed
her for our film Adhura Milan but as she was very busy at that time so we
could n't proceed further.But her social behaviour and etiquettes were
quite praiseworthy.
0_xrush x_0 on August 10, 2012
one of the best composition of RD BURMAN.please listen to the ssong of
Shailendra singh in AGAR TUM NA HOTE.
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