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Comments on song "Mai Jahan Rahu, Mai Kahee Bhee Hu"
xMissAsh on May 16, 2007
very powerful and awesome song!
janoo14 on August 31, 2007
This is my story my feeling. I am living with these emotoins for many many
years. Hey Listn! I will die with ur memories Janoo 14
janoo14 on August 31, 2007
This is my story my feeling. I am living with these emotoins for many many
years. Hey Listn! I will die with ur memories Janoo 14
Mubashir Saleem on September 09, 2007
Rahit sang very nice
ricky sharma on September 12, 2007
i realy miss everything the time past in india i realy miss my family i
love my mom& dad realy teri yaad sath hai ty for song
Adnan Razi on September 18, 2007
rahat is pretty good\
AksheeShadow on October 27, 2007
It means "whereever i am, whereeve i stay i always remember you, should i
say to someone or not watever i have in my heart...U can say whole world is
with me but i am all alone deep down only with ur memories. ur memory is
with me"
ahmed574 on December 10, 2007
this song sung by rahat fateh ali khan , himesh can't imagine to sing this
song .
tazern98 on December 17, 2007
This song is sung by Rahat fateh ali khan but the music director is Himesh
reshamiyya & I agree its the best from him.
lostsoul324 on December 24, 2007
everything makes me sad these day..even a happy dappy song...:(
jo Jo on December 24, 2007
hehehehh im on same boat!!!
professornizami on December 28, 2007
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.. U ROCKS!!!! Awesome song... and Love Namaste
London..Waaay To Goo.. South Asian Community !!!! :)
striker380 on January 02, 2008
daaam this song made me cry!
mudliaromprakash on January 02, 2008
only 1 word shandar amezing he is from the country which produce terrorist
sadaqat90 on January 03, 2008
This song is sung by rahat fateh ali khan, the nephew of nusrat fateh ali
pathorsopno on January 24, 2008
just love this song..thankss for sharing
saravjeet uppal on February 08, 2008
its the beauty of the song that its picturised on patriotic theme and
sounds so much in love
mantor420 on February 26, 2008
is it only for indians????? if yes who told you so? yaar agar koi dhoosti
ka hath barhaye! just grab it! don,t tell me you don,t peace coz that's
exactlyy what we don,t!everybody wants it!
avalanche16 on March 07, 2008
is that why we fought 4 wars?
mantor420 on March 07, 2008
now you are making me laugh!! coz i know wat you mean but you just don,t
want to understand me! brother life gets only harder by thinking again and
again what we did in past! i don,t say forget the past, keep it in mind so
you don,t make the same mistakes again what our parents or grandparents did!
Dane B on March 17, 2008
yaar meri jaan choro yeh jhagra ... yeh kabhi khatam nahin ho ga.bus
music suno yeh na dekho kis ne gaya ya kis liey gaya...achey burey log her
jaga hotey leave all differences.
vajeeha kaiser on March 31, 2008
wow i just love this song it is is just soooo romantic, i love the way it
is sung n the lyrics are awesomee
ihlamurcu on May 15, 2008
OMG i love this film... after om shanti om it is my favourite film... I
love Indian movies, they are soo good.
AM71N4 on May 20, 2008
dis song is ustt abwt sum1's rememberil itss lyk a luv sngg ...
Adnan Malik on May 28, 2008
The song is sung by Rahat Fateh Ali. Click his name in Your tube and the
song name. Indeed its excellent song... with heavy meaning
Amit Tariyal on June 09, 2008
Nice one dear really best ,superb
nightking2008 on June 09, 2008
thanks for ur comment if u wann to watch my more videos u can also watch
them.. take care
Amit Tariyal on June 09, 2008
sure dear i also liked your vedios nice one yaar
nad kha on June 09, 2008
i really love this song awsome
iluvmymom007 on June 11, 2008
himesh is the best...great music by himesh.he approves dat he is the
best music-director in bollywood right now after rahman
nightking2008 on June 16, 2008
thanks for ur comment not in love love is in me . nd if u wann to
see my more videos u can also see them. take care
indiangal91 on June 17, 2008
wah a heart touching song... so true... main jahaan rahoon... main kahin
bhi rahoon... teri yaad saath hain... :D
scotishpearl on June 20, 2008
super song with good music and voice..its tell something truth.
mohammed baquer on July 30, 2008
song of the year...great great i dont have words.thanks
nightking2008 on July 30, 2008
thanks for this valuable comment if u wann to watch my more videos u can
also watch them .
hamidafgusa on September 16, 2008
this song is for those who break in love cant get their love
shaizyglobaldolphin on October 26, 2008
please watch the most beautiful song.Kahan Mile Woh typing
mahmoodkhanvideos on search.
Simran Bhutter on December 08, 2008
awesome song!
Muhammad Farhan on December 16, 2008
i wud gv A* to dis song man...
johnvamp on December 25, 2008
this song is awesome. if u break ur heart , if u standing outside of ur
country , missing anyone & u cant cry .u want to cry this song is best dear
thanks for post such lovely song
Gurleen29 on December 26, 2008
was this song actually in the movie?
afggal55 on December 30, 2008
u really are a dickhead. irizaryxz.
wargreymon009 on January 01, 2009
arguement for a song ?? childish isnt it
nad zaf on January 11, 2009
u sound pethatic
manav0011 on January 17, 2009
mai kahin bhi hun teri yaad saath hai
gur se suno ise jindgi aur yaaden alag alag hain sarir aur aatma ki taraha
jazz171717 on February 08, 2009
u r very very nice, coz wen i cum frm my job ur songs really calm me down
wargreymon009 on February 10, 2009
kids grow up please !!!
Jattkharkhu on February 12, 2009
honestly i dont care but just saying that "number 1" army has lost to india
like 3 three times already so yea he may have a point
jaos90 on February 16, 2009
26/11/09 . . . . Strange . . .this date had not come so how could we hear
wht happnd on 26/11/09
sibbyshah on February 21, 2009
Please keep music pure from the power strugggglllleeee between thick and
ignorant people on both sides of the border..Music has no cast creed,
borders etc...
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