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Welcome Back (Theme)Abhishek RayAbhishek RayAbhishek Ray, ManvendraAnil Kapoor, John Abraham, Nana Patekar, Shruti HaasanWelcome Back (2015)Pop Songs
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Comments on song "Welcome Back (Theme)"
Sheild was Mystery/history on August 06, 2015
I think Its gonna Be an Ok. movie
(Sorry ma English. is bad)
Khouloud Jemai on August 06, 2015
This movie missing Akshay Kumar
7HeartThrob7 on August 06, 2015
Stop compairing, both characters are totally different...
nishant kumar on August 06, 2015
We will miss "Akshay kumar" in this Movie.
nishant kumar on August 06, 2015
Nice one "Loundiya aur Gun dono se Sabdhaan".
Zoya Khan on August 07, 2015
old welcome back is good
arjun meena on August 08, 2015
it will be super flop ..without akshay