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Do Naino Me Aansu Bhare HaiLata MangeshkarR D BurmanGulzarJeetendra, Hema Malini, Farida JalalKhushboo (1975)Sad Songs, Songs about Eyes
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Comments on song "Do Naino Me Aansu Bhare Hai"
June G on November 06, 2010
Simply superb thanks for posting all these gems.
friendlyphilly on May 02, 2011
No bollywood actress can replace Hema Malini.
a m on August 05, 2011
Please do not remove this ever. Thank you thank you
Anushua Roy Sarkar on January 09, 2012
just beautiful
Hari Narayanan on September 25, 2012
khushboo ---old is gold ---golden ---heart touching ---lovely ---classical
---song ---sung by singer of golden voice ---by r d burman -- impossible to
forget -lives in the hearts of music lovers ---old hindi film songs -
magical music director thanks for posting
Bharat Gul on September 25, 2012
Deeply pensive lyrics sung by the celestial or at least preternaturally
gifted voice of Lataji. The consonance between the feelings and the voice
is as close to perfection as could be imagined. Thanks for this rare song,
Manchahegeet on October 14, 2012
Zindagi toh kaati re, raat kat jaaye. Priceless.
crazyoldsongs on October 20, 2012
wonderful description of this clip . lata ji sounds celestial indeed !
thank you very much .
Zulfiqar Sarfraz on November 13, 2012
gulzar jee the micalous directon .no words .
Basab Bandyopadhyay on February 07, 2013
The sad song is a real sad song ! Best ever!
crazyoldsongs on June 07, 2013
thank you sir !
Priya MyMusicalHeaven on June 16, 2013
A very moving song! Of course, I love this song, COSji. Da has summed it up
very well. To me, in Khushboo Hema Malini gave one of her best
performances. I admire Gulzar not only for his talent as a poet, but also
as a director. He directed this film with much love and care, expressing
his sensitive side, and did full justice to the simple, yet touching, story
of Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay. All four songs are gems composed by RDB
and penned by Gulzar. Thanks for sharing it with me, COSji. Best.
Fawad Kashif on August 16, 2013
wow...kya baat hai
Fawad Kashif on August 16, 2013
she sings like surprised how cud she control the music notes
in this way..but she is not an ordinary singer. she is lata mangeshker.
crazyoldsongs on August 17, 2013
how true ! this slow rendition is just amazing ! but then she never ceases
to amaze me ! thank you very much !
Amarmayurmahal on September 04, 2013
Raag Malkose?
crazyoldsongs on September 14, 2013
yes indeed it is unforgettable !
Sandeep Nagarkoti on January 22, 2014
A truly heavenly song...
Ramesh Thakrar on June 10, 2014
Though slow-moving one of the finest by Lataji.
অরুণ বাঙালি হিন্দু on September 24, 2015
दो नैनों में आँसू भरे हैं, निंदिया कैसे समाये

डूबी डूबी आखों में, सपनों के साये
रातभर अपने हैं, दिन में पराये
कैसे नैनों में निंदिया समाये

झूठे तेरे वादों पे बरस बिताये
ज़िन्दगी तो काटी है, रात कट जाये
कैसे नैनों में निंदिया समाये

गीतकार-सम्पूर्ण सिंह गुलज़ार
गायिका-लता मंगेशकर
संगीतकार-राहुल देव बर्मण
चलचित्र-ख़ुशबू (१९७५)
অরুণ বাঙালি হিন্দু on September 24, 2015
دو نینوں میں آنسو بھرے ہیں،نندیاں کیسے سمائے

ڈوبی ڈوبی آنکھوں میں،سپنوں کے سایہ
رات بھر اپنے ہیں،دِن میں پرائے
کیسے نینوں میں نندیاں سمائے

جھوٹے تیرے وعدوں پے برس بتائے
زِندگی تو کاٹی ہے، رات کٹ جائے
کیسے نینوں میں نندیاں سمائے

نغمہ نگار-سمپورن سنگھ گلزار
گلوکارہ-لتا منگیشکر
موسیقار-راہُل دیو برمن
فلم-خوش بو
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