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Aayo Kaha Se GhanashyamManna Dey, ArchanaR D BurmanMajrooh SultanpuriBuddha Mil Gaya (1971)
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Comments on song "Aayo Kaha Se Ghanashyam"
deepaksgulvadi on September 21, 2009
Thanks for posting this song.
nickkohri on November 03, 2009
Please do us music lovers a favor! Please upload all the audio versions of the songs from this movie. Some audio versions are LONGER than the soundtrack versions!! Thanks.
TBDN on November 07, 2009
Very nice sir. We are greatful to you.
spicyindian2002 on March 02, 2010
GREAT POST! thank you sooooo much btw plz add on some more commts (which
raga/sing time etc)
MrShreyang on May 08, 2010
@spicyindian2002 It's a semi classical song so it's not basically based on
any raga according to me :D
MrShreyang on May 08, 2010
@nickkohri actually u may be knowing dis song has been recorded in parts
and shown in parts during movie.But this is the full song sgtalageri has
cropped it awesome work buddy :D
morpheusnape on June 11, 2010
@MrShreyang It is based on Mishra Khamaj
MrShreyang on June 12, 2010
@morpheusnape ohh thanks for correction :D
Partha Pal on June 16, 2010
This one of the best songs (and underrated) of manna De. If anybody can
upload the video portion? Partha
Dhiman B. on December 14, 2010
what a song
Mohan Udiavar on July 17, 2011
Rahul Ranade on February 05, 2013
it's based on raag khamaj..
gopal sinha on June 11, 2013
Very beautiful classical song related to the suspence and comedy of a
beautiful film of hrishikesh mukherji.
Abhishek Ganguly on October 24, 2013
rip!!!manna dey .his voice is immortal!!
Bharat Sharma on February 01, 2014
too good
no one can be near manna day,,,true legend...