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Song from the movie Kranti
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Hema Malini
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Average Rating : 4.12
Total Vote(s) : 25
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Lyrics / Video of Song : Looie Shama Sha

tan bhi badla mann bhi badla badal gayi hai kaya
kali raat se jivan ko abb mil gayi ujali chhaya
ye dil valo ki basti hai ye basate-basate basati hai
gam ko khushi me dhal de jo bharaat ki aisi hasti hai
jisne racha sansar hai yeh ham rachana us ki gate hain

lui shamasha ui lui shamasha ui 
lui shamasha ui lui shamasha ui 
le ja pyar jara sa de ja pyar jara sa 
lui shamasha lui shamasha

mausam ne li angadayi hai kudaraat ne bandhi payal hai
hay mai kisaki baat karu dil meraa hi ghayal hai
rishto ki mehandi le aao rishto ki mehandi le aao 
dulhan sa mujhe sajao dulhan sa mujhe sajao ri
prem ki bhasha ui prem ki bhasha ui
prem ki bhasha ui prem ki bhasha
le ja pyar jara lui shamasha

ho dil chanda ka le aayenge suraj se aankh milayenge
aa jayenge jab apni par taaro ko tod ke layenge
dil chanda ka le aayenge suraj se aankh milayenge
aa jayenge jab apni par taaro ko tod ke layenge
o ho manjil hai apni raaho me aakash hamari baanho me
dekh tamasha ui dekh tamasha ui dekh tamasha ui
dekh tamasha ui dekh tamasha ui
dekh tamasha le ja pyar jara lui shamasha

uthkar girna girkar uthna jivan ki rit purani hai 
uthkar girna girkar uthna jivan ki rit purani hai
chattano se takarane ki hamane jivan me thani hai
parvat ko dhul bana denge 
parvat ko dhul bana denge
sagar ko bund bana denge jagi aasha ui
jagi aasha ui jagi aasha le ja pyar jara

lyrics of song Looie Shama Sha

Top user comments for lyrics of song "Looie Shama Sha"
Ehsan1Danish on Sunday, May 27, 2012
my favorite line... Uthakar Girana Girakar Uthana Jeevan Ki Reet Puraani Hai Chattaanon Se Takaraane Ki Hamane Jeevan Mein Thaani Hai Paravat Ko Dhool Bana Denge Saagar Ko Boond Bana Denge

reddevil6996 on Tuesday, April 07, 2009
totally agreed, hema is gorgeous and classic, even though actresses these days are young and pretty, they don't carry the spark actresses back in the day carried.

mohsinali1969 on Monday, April 05, 2010
very beautiful song really miss lyrics and music like this now iwas in class 7when this movie came

alemoh on Sunday, November 14, 2010
Love this song... But I keep seeing Reena Roy dancing this. She would have rocked this song. :)

anton lortz on Friday, November 30, 2012
das fim ist sehr schön alt und finde immer noch geil...weil ich früher von meine indischer mann der mit meine schwester verheiratet war und wie er uns alle essen music tanz song erzählte war sehr begeistert wegen komische sprache fand stimme sehr cool...das alte film kranti von a bis z gesehn ...habe immer als ich noch keine laptop hatte gewünscht um meine ipod zu speichern heute gott sei dank bekam ich alle teiweise gute music rein in mein iopd lach diese music ist alt aber immer noch cool

usman4949 on Friday, August 06, 2010
dd18547... i think you should know the truth...zaid was not mushammad(s.a.w) z real son, he(s.a.w) adopted him , and when he divorced his wife, cousin in relation of MUHAMMAD(s.a.w)..ALLAH SAID MUHAMMAD(S.A.W) TO MARRY HAZRAT ZAINAN(R.A)..IT WAS bcoz at that time there was a tradition in arab that they considered their adopted sons as same as real son in various matters i.e right of inheritance,not marryind their divorced wife , and giving their name to them as father etc..

Muhammad Rafique Mughal on Sunday, May 20, 2012

raajxbhai on Tuesday, June 07, 2011
: if u go on to find out the meaning of Indian lyrics thn u mite forget ur own language (mother tongue).. moreover there is no dictionary discovered as yet for such wrds...even scientist mite give up..lolzzz at best enjoy the music without falling in the crap...

doll786 on Monday, December 28, 2009
@dd1857 you infidel, yeah you read it right! Muhammad PEACE BE UPON HIM did marry not his real but his stepson's wife whereas in parts of india people get married to animals ha aha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!

doll786 on Wednesday, December 29, 2010
@usman4949 thnk you bro, I was just gonna reply to this unpar gavaar's comment but you did it for me! it just goes to show that people like him dont do their research and believe the first thing they hear.

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Film cast: Dilip Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Hema Malini, Shatrughan Sinha, Parveen Babi, Pradeep Kumar, Shashi Kapoor, Sarika, Prem Chopra, Madan Puri, Tom Alter, Birbal, Nirupa Roy, Dheeraj Kumar, Shashikala, Agha, Sulochna, Ram Mohan, Bhagwan, Sudhir Dalvi, Shammi, Lalita Kumari, Kamal Deep, Gurubachan Singh, Kunal Goswami, Rajen Kapoor, Man Mohan, Inayat, Master Aditya, Paintal, Jairaj, Kishore Kapoor, Preeti Ganguli, Gufi Paintal, Veeru Devgan, Nutan, Habib, Shukla, Darshan, Mustafa, Brijbhushan Sahni
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar, Nitin Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, Mohammed Rafi, Mahendra Kapoor, Shailendra Singh, Manna Dey
Lyricist: Manoj Kumar
Music Director: Laxmikant Kudalkar, Pyarelal
Film Director: Manoj Kumar
Film Producer: Manoj Kumar
External Links: Kranti at IMDB    Kranti at Wikipedia
Watch Full Movie: Kranti at YouTube    

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